Monday, March 29, 2010

8TV Nite Live : Catch up TV FINALLY! XD

I remembered back then when Progression won the Sorry Sorry dancing contest at 8TV Nite Live, I was looking for catch up tv at but couldn't find any trace of them D: So I did requested for it, and I believed most of the viewers and avid fans of the show requested it too :)


*Drum rolls*









*click on image for larger view :D

How proud I am to see that finally 8TV Nite Live is listed when I hover my clicky at the Catch Up TV button at the main page of ^________^ *confetti*

Don't forget to visit here to get to know the show and the emcees better XD

Kamon! Bookmark it, pay a visit to them regularly, spazz about them, spread around
and don't forget to give them a lot of love! :D

I really miss chatting at 8TV Nite Live and follow the show diligently, unfortunately my time as a student + fangirl recently had taken a toll on me and sometimes I just watch, I couldn't response :( though I'm dying to do so. Sayangzz out there, who had time, please, please, please show your love to the show ^_____^ At least, I know one viewer who couldn't watch (me, LOL) would get another 30 new viewers pershow (I'm unrealistically ambitious, LOL!!!).

Hopefully, 8TV Nite Live will continue spreading their wings a lot wider and soar higher than our expectation is :D

Because I'm an addict to the show, and because I love to spread love rather than hate ^___^V


CONGRATULATIONS to my gay partner, my sayang, my bb, my dearest SMAP GANG; Hoshie a.k.a Sherer for becoming the Cassiopeia Family forum's admin!!! Hopefully we could see more Cassiopeia being active the year coming here in Malaysia :) You got my support babe, Cassiopeia + E.L.F. + Shawol + SONE = SM Love XD


p/s: I really can't give up on giving updates about Ming, don't I? If you have twitter and loves to get updates on Ming news (its not Sungmin's official twitter account) please follow perMINent ^__^

Friday, March 26, 2010


*I'm still in cloud 9 after a week of SSII, so please forgive me if you found me annoying/irritating/unreasonable/poyo/perasan/bitch but like I've told you, I'm high with delusional thoughts and I need to share it here before I go insane or my sorority sis send me to TAMPOI or TANJUNG RAMBUTAN!! LOL*

If you know that
I was closing my eyes when you're serenading
At the same place, at the same time, together with you.
Your voice went straight to my heart.
I'm so happy, listening to your serenades alive is what I really like to do.
And it realized after a year confessing my love to you.
I couldn't ask for more as your fan.

You went by to where I was at
If only you really see
I was blowing kisses for you
I would like to think you saw me doing that,
a foreign fan of yours is blowing kisses to you
Even if you don't
I'm just glad I conveyed my love to you through those gestures
If its alright
I beg to you to please let me think that you saw me did that

After that, you never went by to my side again.
I'm fine. I understand you're well loved, you got people to entertain.
Thats the purpose you're there
I'm happy to know lots of people are in love with you as much as I did.
Hopefully you'll receive more love in the future, with different ranges of people :)

Its weird to me that I cried
When I see you updated your Cyworld with nothing but happiness.
You're happy, at my country, doing what you love to do
If only I could be allowed to think that
You're happy since you've got few air-kisses LOL

How I would really like to see you again
and talk to you comfortably
and listening to you attentively

If you could wait for a bit
Lets grow together in our own terms and ways

and then, lets meet again ^^

sa-jib dae-bak!!!


p/s: I SERIOUUUUUUUUSSSLLY APOLOGIZE if you really feels the sudden urge of puking when you read this post. LOL I just need to vent it out somewhere! Do you have any delusional thoughts too? LOL Share with me here by posting comments below ^^

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

:) *90 degrees bows*





Personally, I understand some fans really, really want to see them again and again, more and more. But for me, I would like them to shop or do normal stuffs at ease, at least they could do that here in Malaysia. Even though my body is aching to run and chase them; so I could feel their existence near me; I, had nothing but this GREATER penchant to separate my real life with fangirling.

Thus my brain thought like this:-

They are my idols. They are my Super Junior. I love them so much. But to meet them while I'm screaming at public place, I. . . .IDK, thats not me. I respect them too much to do so.

But then again, the fans who'd been following them wants to show their love, that they're well accepted here in Malaysia~ I'm going nothing against that. Just remember not to hurt them and show really good manners :)




Oh, no :(

What happen?


*running stomps of boots*

Lets heal them with the power of love!

*nods* YES! Lets do that!

Go go go go~

Collecting CINTA

Charging up SAYANG

Harvesting KASIH

Can we heal them?






:) :D :) :D :D :D :D XD

♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥
♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

Don't mind the weird shape; its just me being random :P

And with love, with love, love, love, love and love, two broken hearts are warmed up again~

Hopefully it'll continue being fuzzily warm at the last stop; SS2 MANILA! :D

Please give our Filipino ELFs a lot of support ^^


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bawang-ing will go frighten Edward Cullen away

Just so if you want to ask me anything. I'm currently bored. LOL


Spare me a bit. I need a space to breathe~ Hiieeeuuuu Hiieeeuuuu~~ can I sayang?


I just realized that I talked about Sungmin every single updates that I had before. What the. . . . This is sick. . . and scary. LOL

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

S.A.Y.A.N.G is L.O.V.E


Oh, yes gaiz. They've turned a year the last 1st March and I just get my chance to wish them in Sayanghaeyo, personally with all the Sayangzz witnessing ^^

The first time I blogged about 8TV Nite Live was back in last year's May; Sayanghaeyo is really green during that time (and I'm such a noob, I kept ranting about old videos of K-Pop LOL) and Hunny Madu was the host back then :D The show is fairly new and the variety is drawing me to love it. I remember before Hunny Madu leave the show, she asked the viewers about what the viewers would like to see in 8TV Nite Live ;) Eventually, and gradually, the show concluded a segment that I love the most, K-Pop segment.

However, the essential part that made me follow 8TV Nite Live diligently is how the viewers could communicate with the staffs and the emcees :D And I like the facts and informations that the show is updating us viewers; I really had broader view on gadgets and technologies recently because. . . . . Mike is such a great techno-freak.

AND OF COURSE. The lovely emcees strutting things, ramblings, very laid back and fun! They kept changing people but FINALLY found the permanent ones, our lovely Jules unnie (coz I like her so mash), Mike sunsaengnim (becoz I learnt A LOT of techy stuffs from him LOL) and Moe oppa (JUST BECAUSE), and of course the staffs behind which I think is a very great team ^^ YOU GUYS ARE PACKING WHOLE LOTS OF AWESOMEZZZZZ!

. . . . . . I drafted this back when I was doing a wish vid. And and and. . . . LOL Thank you 8TV Nite Live! I love you even moar~ and I wish I have the power to tell people to enjoy the show just how I enjoyed it :) *fangirl's spazzes* LOL I sounds like a CREEPER and STALKER when MnM said "She is everywhere, twitter, blog, facebook*, chatbox," XD But at some apparent point, I took that as a compliment. *easily flattered*

FYI, I still remember Wall said I'm going to answer KPop idols in my test when I texted at the chat carpet; I'm going to have an exam the next day ROFL. :fist:

And I just need to have my say on Sungmin
ROFL He brings Hyaku everywhere? Seriously go get married Ming XD

Hee~ I am glad that he opens up a little bit of himself finally. I've been suspecting him feeling that way (as in being in the 'average' range in almost every field of entertainment) since the days of SJ during Adonis Camp. I always think of that way; do Sungmin ever felt something like that? Like inferior or something. And I'm happy he could finally open up about it. He kept too much things by himself and I'm afraid he might be stressful at one point. Letting it out would be a good therapy (and good topic to get in variety show too! LOL!).

Am I being too obsessed that I want him to talk about his private life? D: No. Its not that. Its just that, it'd be good if he could at least share his portion of life being an idol. Oh, well. Ming is a really private person I guess *cough*soundslikesomeone*cough*
Ming: I got a stick, FEAR ME.
Norfy: *is not scared* Try again
Ming: You'll just see what I'd do k k k k k k

Of course Sungmin. You'd be thriving the entertainment field just how you want it. But first, of course, a lot more hard work. I'll be always supporting you, our multi-talented Sungmin~ I'll work harder just how you're working hard too ^^ Wouldn't that be fair, Ming oppa?

Let us shine at our own field just how we want it. You as Lee Sungmin, and me as a fangirl.

You can check him saying so here. I couldn't embed it here, it was disabled by the uploader ;)
Norfy: akhoai;hga;jgkamhknh;kah;aj;akhkahka
Ming: Don't tell me I don't warn you kkkkkkk


p/s: About 2PM's case with Jaebum; as I always did. I don't take sides. But the chaos that embarked quite getting on my nerves. I'll explain my stance about this soon, since theres a lot of you out there are being quite emotional about this without the base; I decided to talk about it. Soon enough. And I'd be talking about Hangeng too, just so my Hottest friends wouldn't say I'm bias and I don't have any idea about 2PM because I'm too shallow on fangirling over SJ. OUCH! That hurts.

p/s/s: In a lighter note; EVERYBODY SHOULD WATCH SHINEE's HELLO BABY. Its too cute and I found my stresses released just by looking at the cute Yoogeun and of course, the adorkable SHINee. Shoot. Jjong and Onew are seriously the same as me -___-;