Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weeccky weeccky wow wow! Bang bang~

I'm in the midst of exam period and I'm trying to struts some stress out here. LOL

So everybody is feeling the heat of SJ's 4th Album which is going to come out real soon; it gets worst when the boys started to change their appearance, working out (SEE EXAMPLE ON MY POST BEFORE/sorry this blog is Sungmin bias =3=) and of course, the Twitter fever amongst them! LOL

It starts with ShinsFriends, continues with donghae861015 (but I think henrylau89 and Choi_SW joined first before him? LOL but I'm too skeptical to believe those are legit accounts at fist -W-) and myblacksmile out of the blue joined the chaos. LOL and OUR DIVA steps in with Hee18 first before he Cyworlded about how he is struggling with it! LOL He cancelled the account and starts an obnoxious new one with the name of Heedictator. Those drama happened in one day. . . . That is sooooooooo him. LOL

You don't have twitter yet? COME DO ONE! And make sure to follow these oppas and ehem, FOLLOW ME! LOL Oh, kamon. At least say thank you for giving you links? LOL

I always love Plurking, but twitter comes really handy especially to update me with news and what happened around my friends and stuffs. Yeah, not much of FB user but I do have one, like, finally -_____- LOL But I don't update much there. I love Twitter and Plurk better :P

So I'm incredibly happy that our beloved SJ members are giving efforts to be much closer to their international fans :3 Shindong is probably the most senior in Twitter amongst SJ members, so he is really good at controlling his Twitter ^^ I just need to share the LULz especially Ming's failure on uploading pic XD LOL Donghae is giving effort on saying something in English (LOL he wanted to be friends with a Filipino celebrity XD) and Heenim's case with Twitter is the MOST EPIC. LOL


I think our love from the whole wide world are getting to them, slowly :D Come and visit SJ-WORLD and see how you could help to support the 4th Album fan support ^^


P/S: I don't put any pictures or videos. Sorry..... I'M JIGGLY PUFF.

Sunday, April 18, 2010



*stealing this from perMINent@Twitter

And I'm not a perv. I'm just....anticipating. KTHNXBAI.


p/s: I'm not a perv ._____. *innocent* OK. BRB. Blood couldn't stop running from my nose.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Laughing Out In The Air! CHYEAH!

A short post because I'm still in my hiatus and I'll be facing final exams soon *need your prayers sayangzz, pretty please ;A;*

Heard of KPOP groups coming to town. Well, a lot of them. Too many that I grew suspicious. Sorry, I'm skeptical. (generally media people is like this, LOL. Publisher wannabe XD).

My advise that I know, it came to repeat very often to all my sayangzz:-




Because no KPOP fans should get their hopes crushed into pieces, they deserves only the truth, the best and the reliable ones when it comes to getting their dreams come true.

As much of you know how heavily biased I am, I still had this sense of a 'fan'. I know exactly how you feel in your shoes as a fan no matter what fandom you're in therefore, I am your friend when it comes to being a fan. And fan to fan, I'm speaking. Boldly, for our rights. Yes. This is Sayanghaeyo.

Thats it, I love you guys and keep on rocking as a fan or as a human being! Prove to them all we rock in every field!! *rock fingers-sign*
credits to jajhejijoju92


p/s: Spazzing so much because of Mimi's solo stage; thats and oh myyyyyyy~ his voice is just....OMG! HE SHOULD GET MORE LINES!!! Also~ sharing the great success of SJ-WORLD for SS2 :D :D :D
Eheeeee~~ click click click click *seductive*

Sunday, April 4, 2010



Just pretend you got fool-ed or else I'll cry LMAO

Until The World Is Filled With Sapphire Blue Balloons


Until I get to say to Sungmin; I admire him so much.


Will forever be Everlasting Friend



Would continue to live no matter what.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Sayanghaeyo is closing

Hello there, sayangzz

Yes, like I've stated in my title post. Yes. Sayanghaeyo is closing. And this would be the last post of Sayanghaeyo.

Its hard to say it out; but like what I've been concerned of quite some times ago; finally its getting to me.

I'm quitting fangirling.

For all these time, I thought I was one strong girl with loyalty more than a bunch to our beloved Super Junior and KPOP fandom mostly. So I went all out, strutting and giving out what I got, trying to make it all possible.

But it hit me one time, that I am not going anywhere with this.

I'm an university student with average scoring; fangirling had taken almost 85% of my life and it leaves me merely 5% to study diligently and score my best. Its really upsetting; I've been depressing about it for several times already but I keep on motivating myself; saying that I could do this.

But it hurts too much. All I want to do is to do well at school and when I get myself involved into fangirling; its all the time that I had for it. Talking about bad time management. And the only solution for such a failure like me; I need to remove one LESS IMPORTANT from my life to achieve the best of the best at the other part.

So I gave up fangirling.

This was long decided early this year actually. But since SS2 is coming to town, all stuffs that I need to take responsible with, I just take in and bear with it. I thought of announcing my resignation right after SS2 (thats the reason I'm reluctant to post fan account) but theres some problems I'm experiencing for weeks after SS2, so I need to take hold of the announcement.

Now the final problem is all done, here I am declaring to you.

I know, it might sounds too drastic. I barely am E.L.F. for 2 years and I'm quitting already. Its so irony on how I kept saying I'll be forever E.L.F.

But I got ambitions to catch up with. I got family to make them believe in me with. I am just a normal human being. I am not a super girl.

Thank you so much anyway, for the joy that we share together, spazzing about the boys and girls together, being silly, dreamy and dorky. Its really nice to know you guys, dudes and babes all these while, I'll keep in touch with you all, don't forget to add me at MSN if you still wants to be my friend :') I will always keep blue as really meaningful color to me and I would always cherish the moment that we had together, no matter how little or huge it is. I will treasure it forever.

Thank you so much Super Junior for the love and joy you gave me, thank you so much to all the sayangzz that I know, that I don't know, that I'm yet to know. Thank you so much for supporting and following this crappy blog of Sayanghaeyo till the end of it. Thank you, thank you so much.

At the end of this post when you're reading this;

I am no longer

Everlasting Friend (E.L.F.)

and within 24 hours of posting this


would forever vanish from this earth

Thank you so very much, I love you guys, I sayang semua-semua