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4th teases us with a little pic

source: NEWSEN and Sookyeong
Hmmmm boy, I like that ;D

More news about it here and here.

My 2 cents: LOL why did I feel the come back is a bit rush and the concept is kind of a cycle of Ring Ding Dong? Whatever, its testosterone we're talking here. ROFL! I thought Hyukjae was JO KWON! I can't seem to recognize him at first LOL! And Kyu....oh nais. Sleek short hair. Oh. NAIS. SHINDONG! KEEP THAT HAIR. I LOVE THAT HAIR!! PRETTY PLEASE!

And I'm loving Sungmin's bad ass look, it suits him. I'm imagining him belting his electric guitar with that look. OMG. Please let it be something rock-ish + a little house. That'd make a perfect OUTSTANDING trend despite of candy-funk loaded right now in K-POP.
Sayanghaeyo Norfy
p/s: OK! Spread the pictures/news around, babes and dudes ;D WE'RE GOING TO ROCK THE HOUSE DOWN WITH 4TH JIB! Like it, or not