Sunday, June 6, 2010

[060610] SJ at Singapore and guess what I'm doing?

I'm a Johorean, residing at JB. My place is just few miles away from Singapore but I couldn't make it to see SJ though I had all the advantages with me :/ From speed demon, transportation, people, ticketing and stuffs (LOL Yoojinjin had my backs for the ticketing T.T). And as I expected, judging from what Philippines and Malaysia's SS2's organizers did, the route of SJ's arrival are channeled somewhere else to avoid the crowd of fans. I feel bad for all the spectators and fans there, truly sorry for what have happened, but at least, do know that they acknowledged your presence there and felt the warmness that you guys displayed :) So don't be upset much, feel a bit better about it, please? ^___^

So! Instead, I did some weight training and its 2.2kgs (5lbs) for both my biceps and triceps. Before this, I just had some push ups and darn it! I'M SO HEAVY I CAN'T PULL MYSELF ROFL!! So I think its best for me to start taming my muscle first with the dumbbell that my papa bought for my brother which went to waste -_____- I was shaky at first (the same thing happened while I'm doing push ups) and its sore so bad, but I know, its a good pain :D

OH! And I did my lunges again after 48 hours of break. Surprisingly, it doesn't hurt so much like it does before :D :D :D I'M SO HAPPY!! And when I'm dancing to Galjeung, I can feel that my kick is much more powerful and it feels easier to do so 8D

Now I need to get down with my abs. I was so afraid to do the crunch since I'm imagining my back bones to break ;_____; I had a lousy vertebrata, it hurts severely when I'm on my menses. Though I had my calcium fixed, I'm still so very afraid to do the crunch. LOL I better not be so paranoid and try first 50 crunches/day :)

I can't wait for the fancams/fanpiccies of the Samsung's Showcase; and all the piccies ^______^ Remember to visit ChocoFam and SJ-WORLD for spazzings and updates! Will update my calorie intake of the day soon enough after 11PM :3
I want to be Krystal and hugs Sulli like this T^T Sulli....why steal unnie's heart? You're so precious, unnie loves you so much ;A;

p/s: Meh~ I want media to ask Yoobin on how she manage to get such abs and shapely legs after all the horrible coverage on her packing some meats a year ago~ Seriously! We had the same issue at the same time but she is so diligent, she got teh abs when I'm still pulling myself together into it LOL

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