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This I Promise You, Kim Heechul [약속]

I saw a nostalgic dream At that time we became close Everyone understood the overflowing loneliness
(pic credit as tagged)
By the time we realized That something was precious, it was too late The feelings that pass us by are always too dazzling
If I ever hurt you until you want to cry At that time, I'll sing for you until your tears dry up (pic credit as tagged)
If it's the dream that you chased Don't be afraid of getting hurt On nights then you tremble, I'll hold you close And so Stop with that sad looking face Let me see your smile It's more wonderful and more precious to me than anything else, that smile

I can still remember it now There's no forever right here I kept gazing at the people who vanished with sad eyes
There's no one who'd ride a car without brakes That's what was whispered You looked down and tried to be strong; I just drew you close and embraced you tightly
If it's a dream that you want to grant Don't hang your head and cry On sleepless nights, I&#…