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Cheers to few first steps!


Putting exclamation mark on my 'hi' because I'm excited! So you could tell! So I can convey my feelings! Okay where am I AGAIN?

Alright. In my previous post, I've told you that I'm about to add more purpose in this tiny little blog, which is some beauty/cosmetic stuffs. I am not sure just how often I would be blogging about this but I would like to record down how do I kick start my journey to become a makeup artist. Yeah, the name sure is pretty. But I am yet to hold the title so I often told people I am 'Beauty enthusiast' or 'Aspiring makeup artist'.

Now, I know this is my blog, I can write a really long post and talk about just anything in one post; I just felt that I need to separate on 'how I start it off' and 'my passion of beauty'. Because I realize I tend to branches out my topic to sub-topics and the whole content would sounds like, some dissertation or anything similar to that.

SO. Here is the post where I am going to …

Life Transitions


I would really love to avoid the cliche sentence of 'its been a while since I last write/update anything on this blog' but when I am scramming my head on this, its really hard not to do so! I mean, its just polite to say sorry (for who? the internet? LMAO) for being absent quite sometimes after being so dedicated in posting in one period of a time. 
So, yes, ITS BEEN A WHILE SINCE I LAST WRITE ANYTHING ON THIS BLOG. LOL big bold caps locked because apparently its really fun to annoy people who think of this as cliche. In extra annoying method, even. 
AAaaaaaaaaannndd there are reasons for me to finally post something on this blog. Like, at least not a ranting post or a test page for my mobile apps LOL. This is a real post. I don't know how to describe a real blog post as but it is a real blog post, not a test post or whatsoever. Oh. I didn't know how to communicate through blog anymore LOL this is awkward (waves) (stumbles) (waves again).
Maybe any of you who ha…