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Cheers to few first steps!


Putting exclamation mark on my 'hi' because I'm excited! So you could tell! So I can convey my feelings! Okay where am I AGAIN?

Alright. In my previous post, I've told you that I'm about to add more purpose in this tiny little blog, which is some beauty/cosmetic stuffs. I am not sure just how often I would be blogging about this but I would like to record down how do I kick start my journey to become a makeup artist. Yeah, the name sure is pretty. But I am yet to hold the title so I often told people I am 'Beauty enthusiast' or 'Aspiring makeup artist'.

Now, I know this is my blog, I can write a really long post and talk about just anything in one post; I just felt that I need to separate on 'how I start it off' and 'my passion of beauty'. Because I realize I tend to branches out my topic to sub-topics and the whole content would sounds like, some dissertation or anything similar to that.

SO. Here is the post where I am going to let you see, how I'm starting it off!

Every single person in this world embark on really different journey by their own. It would be different for every makeup artist to be, where they imagine themselves to be. In my case, I dream big. Like my friend said, "berangan tak kena bayar" (daydreaming does not charge you any money). So I do. I dream big. I would tell you my whole dreams in this, hopefully, career of a lifetime, in my other post, speaking of my passion in this beauty stuffs.

Every big dreams, starts with a little dot to draw the huge picture of one's dream. To explain this, I would love to share with you this cute picture I've seen since I started my bachelor degree's study.

Cute isn't it?  I really love how it starts with "I won't do it". It's really true. Your dreams would never happen only if you don't even had the feelings to do it. Things don't go that way.

This image pops up in twitter when I was busy spazzing (wow, urbandictionary is really harsh at their definition) over Kyungsoo (I promise I will blog about him soon ^^). It moved me, just like how it moved me when I was losing the momentum to face my final examination.

I know I have been thinking, I don't think I can make it as a makeup artist. I'm just, an enthusiast. I dab foundations on my face in my adolescent years doesn't mean I know the whole thing 11 years after that, right? I don't have formal lessons of makeup, I just learn it through the hard way. Fail purchases, wrong products, horrible applications and what not. I really didn't think I could make it.

Until I realized how excited and diligent I am to study makeup from the internet religiously. I really wanna do this.

Determined, with very small amount of money I own, I embark this journey. A little shameless, a little too cheap, some established makeup artists might be disgusted at how I am starting it off. Pardon me, I really don't have the money and time to go on proper makeup lessons. I can just experiments, learn through real life people and practice, practice, practice.

I would love any advices, it would help me a lot. Especially in Malaysia so I would know how the biz going on in this country. You know, the trends and styles are different at each country so, most of my tutorials are coming from the west so I inclined to their opinions and stuffs. So, really. I can use a lot of advises from local scene in Malaysia.

Ready for some picture spams? :D

Alright, a starter. I already have my coastal scents 88 eyeshadow palette and 32 lip palettte. I got it from lowyat forum's seller back in 2009 and they're still good and pigmented! I am learning to sanitizes them so I can use it on my client.

Sorry I don't have pictures for my actual palettes. Plus its really ugly with all the scratches on the surface and missing colors, haha! But here are how they supposed to look like when I first get them.

Coastal Scents' 88 Eyeshadow (original). The crimson color, three from the right below went missing :( And the white one on top left are all used up! 
Coastal Scents' 32 Lip palette. This is the new one, mine has a black lip color on the left-below.

I've experimented a lot with these palettes and I love them so much I am ready to stock them back again! 

When I decided to be serious on this makeup thingy, I got myself a small palette of concealer for me to learn some highlighting and perfect coverage, the old style. I know the craze is now the Naturactor's and Supra Kryolan's foundation but I really think basic is everything. 

^This is the concealer palette from Coastal Scents but mine is exactly like this  

I am frustrated at my purchase of this mini concealer palette, I've bought it at my local mall from a small makeup booth. They print M.A.C so boldly on it but I know exactly its not M.A.C because it is so cheap. I am offended because the seller kept on going that this is MAC original. Lord. I felt like I've turned around on my morals. But anyhow, I am happy with the outcome of this product, I am still learning on how to use them up properly, plus the ingredients are all safe (I look it up in the internet) so I am fine with it. I just hope it is not the CS' product manufactured from China/HK but went to the wrong hands in Malaysia and they bluntly imprint M.A.C on it. Oh, dear. No. Please don't cheat on people like that. Just, don't. 

In my whole life, I used stray makeup brushes that I could get my hands on. It retails cheaply, most of them are below RM10 LOL just so I could apply it on my face. But now to this different route, I need a proper set of brush, isn't it?

So I google my way for some decent makeup brushes. You know, the ones that is decent to use on people and great for me to learn on their purposes. I found myself at Qoo10-Malaysia (I don't get paid from this site, I just bought one stuff so not really legible for me to do a review but I am so going to buy from this site again) and I found the perfect deal within my budget. And so I get my set of brush all the way from China within 2 weeks! 

This is a repost from my IG. Oooh! Add me in IG if you'd love to! (Just for me to overcome my paranoid phase, opening up to people LOL). ID : norfyungsoo 

I love the brushes! Like, super love them! Except for the lip brush. Its so thin and often just scratches my lipstick without picking up actual color LOL But the other essential brushes are great and I love them. Its a great set for a beginner like me! The first brush that I picked up, is the foundation brush. I love it. Maybe its an okay set for most people but for a person who just about to get serious, this is a steal. The quality are nice, the bristles doesn't hurt people and I am happy.

Afterwards, I went to my friend's wedding. Do her makeup for her Nikah (solemnization). Absolutely free. One, because shes a friend. Second, shes my first client. Client, as in, she comes to me. All my life, I've been offering myself to do their makeup so when people step up to me, asking for my service, I feel so honored. Maybe because, nobody actually knows how good I am because I randomly helping people out for their makeup without taking good pictures as proofs, so I decided to start with her. Let friends and people around her see my work. After that, I am going to put up a portfolio, that is how I put up a novice price.

I went to my client (a.k.a my friend) house with my stuffs being put in Astro's ecobag that comes from the mail with the TV Guide. Oh, dear. I never felt so stupid, ridiculous and unprofessional. That is my friend. I don't regard her any less as my client so I feel that I need a bag to house all my stuffs. Off to google again!

I found some bags and their prices are good. I thought of purchasing them until I randomly went to a beauty wholesale supply shop at Sutera Mall and found a fierce lady, glaring at me like shes already my soulmate. And the price is surprisingly cheaper than anything I could find in the internet! Quite rare for me to see that, its always cheaper in the internet for me OuO I bought it without thinking twice.

And now she is mine :D
 I'm a sucker for animal prints. Also a repost from my IG

Alright. So, let me get this straight. The room I'm staying at had only one small window and the sunlight coming through it aren't really enough to lit the room. I always had my makeup imbalanced on my face because I depended on the fluorescent light on my ceiling which is, really not enough. Googling again! 

I found out that you don't really need the retro, Hollywood, bulbs-surrounding mirror to get the perfect lighting at home. 

OMG But If I have the money I am so going to get this!
Taken from : Purebeauty101

All you need is a working study/table lamp that would be able to give you enough lighting to your face while you're applying your makeup and you could achieve similar sunlight effect with daylight bulb. Off I went to Mydin and found this less than RM15 study lamp in RED. 

 If its red, its rad

 As you can see, its just some normal, hypermarket's kind of electrical stuff. Nothing fancy. It lit up max 40w, its great so I won't squint while I'm doing my makeup :P

This is the only daylight's bulb that is 40w worth that I could find. And I rather buy a brand bulb so I won't get them crack while I'm putting it on. I am not taking the risk for this!

With all these essential stuffs, I think I am already set to do some self-study and practise, practise, practise! 

I don't think I am going to do the haul for my other makeup stuffs like mascara, eyeliner, tubes of lipsticks because basically I am using what I need for myself. Okay, before hygiene police come up to me and told me that we shouldn't share mascara because of bacteria, yes, I know. I am little scratchy on my budget for the time being to get some disposable mascara wands, I am saving some money so I could use them hygienically for my future clients. As of for now, I don't have actual clients yet and the mascara I have right now, I am using it only between me and Amal (the friend that I assisted on her nikah day). I know the ethics but for now, I have to say, I come to be lenient because most of them are my girlfriends. Come on, don't pretend that you don't share your favorite pump of mascaras with your friends at slumber party. Everyone did!

But worry not, I won't share the actual mascara's wand with every clients, being all daft and abandoning hygiene prospect. I would definitely get my mascara wands in bulk soon ^^

On how do I know what stuffs should I get, I was inspired (or more like, guided) by the series of 'Building your kit' in Beautylish by James Vincent. It really helps me a lot in this term and Beautylish itself is a good hub for a lot of tips, tricks and trends in everything beauty. 

Ohh! Just sharing a fact that I just realized few months before I decided to be a makeup artist on my own, I've bought a Bobbi Brown book on sale at BookXcess through my friend but the book failed to be send to me so I am going to just get it from her at any ACG (Anime, Comic & Games) event we're going to attend. ^^ I'm supposed to get it from her at ACG but I couldn't attend, thanks to my financial status right now a.k.a unemployed. 

It's Bobbi Brown's MakeUp Manual! 

Read the summary and reviews here at Amazon!

And look at how CHEAP it is from BookXcess! 
Pic courtesy of BookXcess FB

This is great and I would like to get the book immediately because Bobbi Brown's philosophy in makeup is parallel to my belief on beauty. Which I would discuss soon in my other post, InsyaAllah (God's willing) it would be jumbled in the post of why I love makeup and why do I love it so much. Hopefully! 

I would love to share with you the video from a beauty Guru who shares her wisdom, inspires and advices all in a single video which actually helps me to get a good, much clearer idea on how should I start and where do I go. 

I couldn't thank beauty guru/bloggers enough with all these helpful stuffs. I am very grateful for internet. Thank you so much Tim Berners-Lee, Google, Youtube and people who starts out blogging

Well, I think thats all about it! Its a little funny that I am sharing a part of my life, the start of my journey in the internet as a paranoid I used to be, having the thoughts I am going to regret this later but I know if I want to work things out and be brave, I have to tell the world, I am ready. COME WHAT MAY! 

Even if you don't plan t become a professional in this field, I wish that you could gain something from this post! ^^ 

Welp, its 2.17am and I'm off to bed.

Yay! You've made it to the end of this ridiculous post LOL

Bye Bye


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