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Cult What? : Cosplay and Alter Ego

Cosplay is something you might have passed, experienced or, maybe never heard of but in Malaysia it is well established. VERY well established I can say that the biggest Anime, Comic and Games (ACG) event in Malaysia, ComicFiesta is receiving almost half of 100,000 attendees last year.

I got into Cosplay a little later, it happened after I couldn’t keep up properly with Lolita game (this cult is just the same with sneakersgame, I give up!). The first time I tried cosplaying, it was terrible. I took a good one month to do a pair of Vocaloid headset and good god I got myself into hybrid Miku. Here’s a pic of it, with an awesome Miku crossplayer (I love crossplayer! You guys are cool!).

Vocaloid earphones LOL with the shawl and the supposedly hair tie 

With Muzaffar Musa, taken with my awesome Blackberry Curve in 2012 Comic Fiesta
rotated through an app and this is what I get :( 

Although I did very bad, I love that feel of going to acg event. Its like you’ve just transformed into Alice and goes into an adventure of a Wonderland like Bilbo Baggins! Everyone you’re seeing, left, right, front to back, are some ordinary people who are turning themselves into their alter ego. Someone that they would love to be. I’ve got to say, they even put up a better show and act compared to local evening drama, it was so much more entertaining!

Comic Fiesta 2014 cosplay highlight By Soul魔力 CreativeStudio

You’ll be surprised at how much of an effort it takes to be the character that you like. Since you’re so in love with that character, you’re going to do your best to not mess it up. From material hunting, drafting or commencing the best tailor/propmaker for the costumes and props to revising how the character would act like, all of these takes a lot of time and effort for you to replicate yourself the closest to the character. Never mind not looking or acting 100% of it! There are thousands of personalities out there and that is how your version of the character would be unique, its how you think the character would do in your interpretation.

I present to you Liui Aquino as Hiro Hamada! 
Taken from Liui's World Cosplay Account

My favorite Cosplayer; Reika as Cao Pi from Dynasty Warrior 8

Amazing isn’t it? For me, I love the preparation part that it took. Plus, I know now where I can channel this drama vibe I had in me hahaha! I’ve always admired theatrical makeup, tailoring and prop-making. Can you believe that you could make draculas fang out of fake nails? Or find out how a simple broom could transforms into a badass magical wand? That’s just the tip of the whole insightful of preparation you’re about to indulge. For someone who loves handy, crafting stuffs, this is an exciting art form.

Would love to experience an ACG event by your own?

Catch up with CosplayFun where they update on the upcoming ACG (and even Japanese-related!) events in Malaysia.

Be sure to stay tune to Malaysia cosplay community in social media, they usually would get you updated on smaller scale events that might be just right besides your home! Don’t forget to socialize at the said event, make more friends, follow/friend them in SNS and you’ll get even more updates from genuine enthusiasts.

Interested to do some cosplay yourself? WELCOME! Now, its not a rocket science really. You just have to get that feel and get it going! Here is some 101 to cosplay.

|| How To Start Cosplaying? (Video) || 
|| How To Buy From Taobao (lots of cosplay goods!) ||

Love cosplay? Had experience on related events? Tell me in the comments! I’d love to know!


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