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Cult What? : Cosplay and Alter Ego

Cosplay is something you might have passed, experienced or, maybe never heard of but in Malaysia it is well established. VERY well established I can say that the biggest Anime, Comic and Games (ACG) event in Malaysia, ComicFiesta is receiving almost half of 100,000 attendees last year.
I got into Cosplay a little later, it happened after I couldn’t keep up properly with Lolita game (this cult is just the same with sneakersgame, I give up!). The first time I tried cosplaying, it was terrible. I took a good one month to do a pair of Vocaloid headset and good god I got myself into hybrid Miku. Here’s a pic of it, with an awesome Miku crossplayer (I love crossplayer! You guys are cool!).

Vocaloid earphones LOL with the shawl and the supposedly hair tie 
With Muzaffar Musa, taken with my awesome Blackberry Curve in 2012 Comic Fiesta rotated through an app and this is what I get :( 
Although I did very bad, I love that feel of going to acg event. Its like you’ve just transformed into Alice a…
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CultWhat? : Spare Me From The Copping Game!

Copping is a very serious business. You don’t talk about copping and whats new dropping if you don’t have the cash (or not willing to spend so much).  That’s the reality. And that is also why I don’t call myself a sneakerhead, I rather go with sneakers enthusiast. I don’t have the money and I just don’t cut it for the game. Why? I’ll tell you.
1. The price of drop, cost to ship/travel – No.
As a graduate who just got like 2-3 years of stable career under her belt with no promising assets, this game is really dangerous for me. The price of one new, limited edition sneakers, which usually drops thousands kilometers away at some places I can’t reach with Jean (my car) and costs at least 20% of that one box of sneakers itself, I don’t find worth it for me. Instead, I chucked them into my grail and hope that I’ll see the light like maybe 2-3 years when people wants to re-sale it. In my size. Which is pushing through my 2nd point.
Just me. Really. Seriously. Sucks. 
2. I’m not a dude.

Cult What? : Soles

First thing first, disclaimer. Lets not rush to label the latest hobby I’m indulging to the level of obsessed, clearly I’ve just got to know this ever since it related to my job. 
Man, I feel stressed out when I want to keep track on my findings over this topic because this is male-dominant and I really hate the ‘wannabe’ label. ANYHOW! I got pretty interested on this cult (sorry I call your hobby a cult but if there are rituals uniformity, then it’s a cult bro!) and I love the history stretch behind this. Its basically an art, I can appreciate this. Do I get an amen?
The moment I need to do extensive research on each products, I get to know more and my eyes are trained to spot stuffs. The usual spazzings I did become fashion-like spotting and gosh, I love how much more content I spewed out instead of scream-typing and gibberish. I want anyone who reads to benefit (from spazzes? Damn, nagging much girl?), especially at this point where you already have something that you know yo…

Second year of second term

My attempt to blog again though, this is painfully embarrassing. Afterall, reading back what you’ve wrote during the years of ‘BBNU’ (Budak Baru Nak Up or Malay def for kids who are trying too hard) are just a reminder how you have grown from that to this, you are, here, right now. 
I’ll stop talking about getting back to blogging again because the last time I did that, I ended up not updating anyway. I’ll just see how far I can go with this time. 
2015 marked the second year of me getting into the late 20s. Here, still staying true to what I enjoyed, east Asian music. All these years, I’ve been trying to preachto people in the hope to open some mind on it and now I’ve learnt that its no use explaining sub-cult to those who doesn’t want to understand anyway. 
The sub-cult that I’ve enjoyed are controversial enough to cause stirs in my nation’s culture. A wrong twist in relaying and crowd, you’ll get the wrong impression all your life (which is usually from tactless and tasteless peop…

Cheers to few first steps!


Putting exclamation mark on my 'hi' because I'm excited! So you could tell! So I can convey my feelings! Okay where am I AGAIN?

Alright. In my previous post, I've told you that I'm about to add more purpose in this tiny little blog, which is some beauty/cosmetic stuffs. I am not sure just how often I would be blogging about this but I would like to record down how do I kick start my journey to become a makeup artist. Yeah, the name sure is pretty. But I am yet to hold the title so I often told people I am 'Beauty enthusiast' or 'Aspiring makeup artist'.

Now, I know this is my blog, I can write a really long post and talk about just anything in one post; I just felt that I need to separate on 'how I start it off' and 'my passion of beauty'. Because I realize I tend to branches out my topic to sub-topics and the whole content would sounds like, some dissertation or anything similar to that.

SO. Here is the post where I am going to …

Life Transitions


I would really love to avoid the cliche sentence of 'its been a while since I last write/update anything on this blog' but when I am scramming my head on this, its really hard not to do so! I mean, its just polite to say sorry (for who? the internet? LMAO) for being absent quite sometimes after being so dedicated in posting in one period of a time. 
So, yes, ITS BEEN A WHILE SINCE I LAST WRITE ANYTHING ON THIS BLOG. LOL big bold caps locked because apparently its really fun to annoy people who think of this as cliche. In extra annoying method, even. 
AAaaaaaaaaannndd there are reasons for me to finally post something on this blog. Like, at least not a ranting post or a test page for my mobile apps LOL. This is a real post. I don't know how to describe a real blog post as but it is a real blog post, not a test post or whatsoever. Oh. I didn't know how to communicate through blog anymore LOL this is awkward (waves) (stumbles) (waves again).
Maybe any of you who ha…

This I Promise You, Kim Heechul [약속]

I saw a nostalgic dream At that time we became close Everyone understood the overflowing loneliness
(pic credit as tagged)
By the time we realized That something was precious, it was too late The feelings that pass us by are always too dazzling
If I ever hurt you until you want to cry At that time, I'll sing for you until your tears dry up (pic credit as tagged)
If it's the dream that you chased Don't be afraid of getting hurt On nights then you tremble, I'll hold you close And so Stop with that sad looking face Let me see your smile It's more wonderful and more precious to me than anything else, that smile

I can still remember it now There's no forever right here I kept gazing at the people who vanished with sad eyes
There's no one who'd ride a car without brakes That's what was whispered You looked down and tried to be strong; I just drew you close and embraced you tightly
If it's a dream that you want to grant Don't hang your head and cry On sleepless nights, I&#…