Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cult What? : Cosplay and Alter Ego

Cosplay is something you might have passed, experienced or, maybe never heard of but in Malaysia it is well established. VERY well established I can say that the biggest Anime, Comic and Games (ACG) event in Malaysia, ComicFiesta is receiving almost half of 100,000 attendees last year.

I got into Cosplay a little later, it happened after I couldn’t keep up properly with Lolita game (this cult is just the same with sneakersgame, I give up!). The first time I tried cosplaying, it was terrible. I took a good one month to do a pair of Vocaloid headset and good god I got myself into hybrid Miku. Here’s a pic of it, with an awesome Miku crossplayer (I love crossplayer! You guys are cool!).

Vocaloid earphones LOL with the shawl and the supposedly hair tie 

With Muzaffar Musa, taken with my awesome Blackberry Curve in 2012 Comic Fiesta
rotated through an app and this is what I get :( 

Although I did very bad, I love that feel of going to acg event. Its like you’ve just transformed into Alice and goes into an adventure of a Wonderland like Bilbo Baggins! Everyone you’re seeing, left, right, front to back, are some ordinary people who are turning themselves into their alter ego. Someone that they would love to be. I’ve got to say, they even put up a better show and act compared to local evening drama, it was so much more entertaining!

Comic Fiesta 2014 cosplay highlight By Soul魔力 CreativeStudio

You’ll be surprised at how much of an effort it takes to be the character that you like. Since you’re so in love with that character, you’re going to do your best to not mess it up. From material hunting, drafting or commencing the best tailor/propmaker for the costumes and props to revising how the character would act like, all of these takes a lot of time and effort for you to replicate yourself the closest to the character. Never mind not looking or acting 100% of it! There are thousands of personalities out there and that is how your version of the character would be unique, its how you think the character would do in your interpretation.

I present to you Liui Aquino as Hiro Hamada! 
Taken from Liui's World Cosplay Account

My favorite Cosplayer; Reika as Cao Pi from Dynasty Warrior 8

Amazing isn’t it? For me, I love the preparation part that it took. Plus, I know now where I can channel this drama vibe I had in me hahaha! I’ve always admired theatrical makeup, tailoring and prop-making. Can you believe that you could make draculas fang out of fake nails? Or find out how a simple broom could transforms into a badass magical wand? That’s just the tip of the whole insightful of preparation you’re about to indulge. For someone who loves handy, crafting stuffs, this is an exciting art form.

Would love to experience an ACG event by your own?

Catch up with CosplayFun where they update on the upcoming ACG (and even Japanese-related!) events in Malaysia.

Be sure to stay tune to Malaysia cosplay community in social media, they usually would get you updated on smaller scale events that might be just right besides your home! Don’t forget to socialize at the said event, make more friends, follow/friend them in SNS and you’ll get even more updates from genuine enthusiasts.

Interested to do some cosplay yourself? WELCOME! Now, its not a rocket science really. You just have to get that feel and get it going! Here is some 101 to cosplay.

|| How To Start Cosplaying? (Video) || 
|| How To Buy From Taobao (lots of cosplay goods!) ||

Love cosplay? Had experience on related events? Tell me in the comments! I’d love to know!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

CultWhat? : Spare Me From The Copping Game!

Copping is a very serious business. You don’t talk about copping and whats new dropping if you don’t have the cash (or not willing to spend so much).  That’s the reality. And that is also why I don’t call myself a sneakerhead, I rather go with sneakers enthusiast. I don’t have the money and I just don’t cut it for the game. Why? I’ll tell you.

1. The price of drop, cost to ship/travel – No.

As a graduate who just got like 2-3 years of stable career under her belt with no promising assets, this game is really dangerous for me. The price of one new, limited edition sneakers, which usually drops thousands kilometers away at some places I can’t reach with Jean (my car) and costs at least 20% of that one box of sneakers itself, I don’t find worth it for me. Instead, I chucked them into my grail and hope that I’ll see the light like maybe 2-3 years when people wants to re-sale it. In my size. Which is pushing through my 2nd point.

Just me. Really. Seriously. Sucks. 

2. I’m not a dude.

Before we get all apeshit sexist debate going, lets get real. Most drops are focused on male size. So, lets say if I laid eyes on this precious collab and I’m feeling the iteration, it would be pointless if it didn’t have my size. Some collectors go beyond by copping first, re-sale then with that money they’re buying from other resellers who got their size. This is to explain the cope business in number three.
I promise you its going to be an insightful 8:35 mins of your time. Do watch!
3. The game just don’t fit me

So. Just assume if they’re dropping female sizes and I get in the game just as serious. They don’t have my size but nevermind, just cope, resale and buy my size from other reseller. Wrong move. Most female with sneakers just don’t sell their shoes. They actually use them for good. The female circle is just not that vast as male’s and with this said, this game is seriously not for me. You can check this article about the sneakerhead ladies; The Plight of Female Sneakerhead by Elle webby last year for more insight. I can't handle that part the most :P

I think its enough already with these 3 points. It’s the fundamental of the cope the drop game which I couldn’t even follow well. I can appreciate the crowd, the drama that follows, love, love, love the functions, designs, materials, stories, basically all the aesthetics about the shoes of any brands, but to hustle it like the real sneakerheads, I’ll pass.

Most people would find this hobby stressful, pointless, wasteful and useless. As someone who has been in more than two pop culture, all I could say to those who find it a little too much, its what the heart being content of. Like how beauty lies in the beholder of the eye, that’s just how different people enjoyed different things.
Air Jordans In Numbers

Why do I go this far to explain why I'm not copping? Because I have the need to refrain myself! Because initially, I was into collecting it. I even make up space for the coming shoes but then I got real. Plus, I'll blog more about new releases and I'll just have to be clear that I'm not copping. Just, love what lies behind them releases. Literature meets footwear, who would've thought!

If theres any female sneakerheads out there who are serious in this business, do get in touch with me. I would really love to talk to you, it would be insightful!

I’ll drop a good news to you girls in Malaysia who are into soles collecting soon!


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cult What? : Soles


First thing first, disclaimer. Lets not rush to label the latest hobby I’m indulging to the level of obsessed, clearly I’ve just got to know this ever since it related to my job. 

Man, I feel stressed out when I want to keep track on my findings over this topic because this is male-dominant and I really hate the ‘wannabe’ label. ANYHOW! I got pretty interested on this cult (sorry I call your hobby a cult but if there are rituals uniformity, then it’s a cult bro!) and I love the history stretch behind this. Its basically an art, I can appreciate this. Do I get an amen?

The moment I need to do extensive research on each products, I get to know more and my eyes are trained to spot stuffs. The usual spazzings I did become fashion-like spotting and gosh, I love how much more content I spewed out instead of scream-typing and gibberish. I want anyone who reads to benefit (from spazzes? Damn, nagging much girl?), especially at this point where you already have something that you know you could contribute to. Jangan kedekut, bro

How most people sees shoes is like how this meme is trying to say. At one glance, its just an overpriced footwear, whats the big deal? 

Other than looking far more fresh from the others, or racing the fresher drops marathon with other enthusiasts, these shoes has stories behind that one could hold true to it. 

Truthfully, I haven’t ditch my heels altogether just yet. Naaaahhhh… just that I have some serious appreciation over these shoes and how much more convenient they are (though some are just so INCONVENIENT you couldn't help but to compare with the 5 inch heels!). 

Can't Even Drive With This! As Told By Fellow Colleague. 
Pic courtesy of NiceKicks

Furthermore, it goes well with my fascination in menswear which I’m going to blog in a separate entry, just so you wait. Take a look at this MY-72 PUMA x Mihara Yasuhiro, I am just in love with this pair it falls right into my grail list. I’ll be sharing my grail list soon, its not much but its worth the shot taking into account on my feminine taste. Haha… alright. 

PUMA x Mihara Yasuhiro MY-72 a hybrid of sneakers and dress shoe


I don’t have enough Ringgit for that. God. Its already expensive as a cosplayer cum K-pop enthusiast, don’t get me into a much more expensive hobby please! But should I have more money, man I’d be glad to do so. 

I’ll end this post with sneakers’ anatomy, based off of Nike’s Air Max 1. By the way, call me basic or what, I like AJ’s best. 

Pic Courtesy of  SneakersMadame

Thanks for reading, darls!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Second year of second term

My attempt to blog again though, this is painfully embarrassing. Afterall, reading back what you’ve wrote during the years of ‘BBNU’ (Budak Baru Nak Up or Malay def for kids who are trying too hard) are just a reminder how you have grown from that to this, you are, here, right now. 

I’ll stop talking about getting back to blogging again because the last time I did that, I ended up not updating anyway. I’ll just see how far I can go with this time. 

2015 marked the second year of me getting into the late 20s. Here, still staying true to what I enjoyed, east Asian music. All these years, I’ve been trying to preach to people in the hope to open some mind on it and now I’ve learnt that its no use explaining sub-cult to those who doesn’t want to understand anyway. 

The sub-cult that I’ve enjoyed are controversial enough to cause stirs in my nation’s culture. A wrong twist in relaying and crowd, you’ll get the wrong impression all your life (which is usually from tactless and tasteless people anyway so I gave up being angry on them). Gothic Lolita, Visual Kei, Korean music, Cosplay and street menswear, right now I don’t offer any of my precious wisdom on these if I found it useless or wasteful. The internet is vast, if they have tact, they could key in Google if they want to find out so why waste your wisdom. Keep it. Enjoy it. Don’t give a fuck. 

From a carefree dreamer, to now a realist, I guess it’s fair to forewarn that this blog though remaining its name, won’t be updating about K-pop (or SuJu LOL) alone anymore. You’ll get a share of my thoughts and lessons I’ve learnt. Especially on street menswear that I just got into because of my work. 

Rusty wei, I don’t even know what I’m trying to tell you but I guess its all good for a piece of comeback stuffs. You’ll know more if you stay tune to this blog. I let some pics do the talking.

Thanks for reading. 

Wow, I’m really a grown adult now. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cheers to few first steps!


Putting exclamation mark on my 'hi' because I'm excited! So you could tell! So I can convey my feelings! Okay where am I AGAIN?

Alright. In my previous post, I've told you that I'm about to add more purpose in this tiny little blog, which is some beauty/cosmetic stuffs. I am not sure just how often I would be blogging about this but I would like to record down how do I kick start my journey to become a makeup artist. Yeah, the name sure is pretty. But I am yet to hold the title so I often told people I am 'Beauty enthusiast' or 'Aspiring makeup artist'.

Now, I know this is my blog, I can write a really long post and talk about just anything in one post; I just felt that I need to separate on 'how I start it off' and 'my passion of beauty'. Because I realize I tend to branches out my topic to sub-topics and the whole content would sounds like, some dissertation or anything similar to that.

SO. Here is the post where I am going to let you see, how I'm starting it off!

Every single person in this world embark on really different journey by their own. It would be different for every makeup artist to be, where they imagine themselves to be. In my case, I dream big. Like my friend said, "berangan tak kena bayar" (daydreaming does not charge you any money). So I do. I dream big. I would tell you my whole dreams in this, hopefully, career of a lifetime, in my other post, speaking of my passion in this beauty stuffs.

Every big dreams, starts with a little dot to draw the huge picture of one's dream. To explain this, I would love to share with you this cute picture I've seen since I started my bachelor degree's study.

Cute isn't it?  I really love how it starts with "I won't do it". It's really true. Your dreams would never happen only if you don't even had the feelings to do it. Things don't go that way.

This image pops up in twitter when I was busy spazzing (wow, urbandictionary is really harsh at their definition) over Kyungsoo (I promise I will blog about him soon ^^). It moved me, just like how it moved me when I was losing the momentum to face my final examination.

I know I have been thinking, I don't think I can make it as a makeup artist. I'm just, an enthusiast. I dab foundations on my face in my adolescent years doesn't mean I know the whole thing 11 years after that, right? I don't have formal lessons of makeup, I just learn it through the hard way. Fail purchases, wrong products, horrible applications and what not. I really didn't think I could make it.

Until I realized how excited and diligent I am to study makeup from the internet religiously. I really wanna do this.

Determined, with very small amount of money I own, I embark this journey. A little shameless, a little too cheap, some established makeup artists might be disgusted at how I am starting it off. Pardon me, I really don't have the money and time to go on proper makeup lessons. I can just experiments, learn through real life people and practice, practice, practice.

I would love any advices, it would help me a lot. Especially in Malaysia so I would know how the biz going on in this country. You know, the trends and styles are different at each country so, most of my tutorials are coming from the west so I inclined to their opinions and stuffs. So, really. I can use a lot of advises from local scene in Malaysia.

Ready for some picture spams? :D

Alright, a starter. I already have my coastal scents 88 eyeshadow palette and 32 lip palettte. I got it from lowyat forum's seller back in 2009 and they're still good and pigmented! I am learning to sanitizes them so I can use it on my client.

Sorry I don't have pictures for my actual palettes. Plus its really ugly with all the scratches on the surface and missing colors, haha! But here are how they supposed to look like when I first get them.

Coastal Scents' 88 Eyeshadow (original). The crimson color, three from the right below went missing :( And the white one on top left are all used up! 
Coastal Scents' 32 Lip palette. This is the new one, mine has a black lip color on the left-below.

I've experimented a lot with these palettes and I love them so much I am ready to stock them back again! 

When I decided to be serious on this makeup thingy, I got myself a small palette of concealer for me to learn some highlighting and perfect coverage, the old style. I know the craze is now the Naturactor's and Supra Kryolan's foundation but I really think basic is everything. 

^This is the concealer palette from Coastal Scents but mine is exactly like this  

I am frustrated at my purchase of this mini concealer palette, I've bought it at my local mall from a small makeup booth. They print M.A.C so boldly on it but I know exactly its not M.A.C because it is so cheap. I am offended because the seller kept on going that this is MAC original. Lord. I felt like I've turned around on my morals. But anyhow, I am happy with the outcome of this product, I am still learning on how to use them up properly, plus the ingredients are all safe (I look it up in the internet) so I am fine with it. I just hope it is not the CS' product manufactured from China/HK but went to the wrong hands in Malaysia and they bluntly imprint M.A.C on it. Oh, dear. No. Please don't cheat on people like that. Just, don't. 

In my whole life, I used stray makeup brushes that I could get my hands on. It retails cheaply, most of them are below RM10 LOL just so I could apply it on my face. But now to this different route, I need a proper set of brush, isn't it?

So I google my way for some decent makeup brushes. You know, the ones that is decent to use on people and great for me to learn on their purposes. I found myself at Qoo10-Malaysia (I don't get paid from this site, I just bought one stuff so not really legible for me to do a review but I am so going to buy from this site again) and I found the perfect deal within my budget. And so I get my set of brush all the way from China within 2 weeks! 

This is a repost from my IG. Oooh! Add me in IG if you'd love to! (Just for me to overcome my paranoid phase, opening up to people LOL). ID : norfyungsoo 

I love the brushes! Like, super love them! Except for the lip brush. Its so thin and often just scratches my lipstick without picking up actual color LOL But the other essential brushes are great and I love them. Its a great set for a beginner like me! The first brush that I picked up, is the foundation brush. I love it. Maybe its an okay set for most people but for a person who just about to get serious, this is a steal. The quality are nice, the bristles doesn't hurt people and I am happy.

Afterwards, I went to my friend's wedding. Do her makeup for her Nikah (solemnization). Absolutely free. One, because shes a friend. Second, shes my first client. Client, as in, she comes to me. All my life, I've been offering myself to do their makeup so when people step up to me, asking for my service, I feel so honored. Maybe because, nobody actually knows how good I am because I randomly helping people out for their makeup without taking good pictures as proofs, so I decided to start with her. Let friends and people around her see my work. After that, I am going to put up a portfolio, that is how I put up a novice price.

I went to my client (a.k.a my friend) house with my stuffs being put in Astro's ecobag that comes from the mail with the TV Guide. Oh, dear. I never felt so stupid, ridiculous and unprofessional. That is my friend. I don't regard her any less as my client so I feel that I need a bag to house all my stuffs. Off to google again!

I found some bags and their prices are good. I thought of purchasing them until I randomly went to a beauty wholesale supply shop at Sutera Mall and found a fierce lady, glaring at me like shes already my soulmate. And the price is surprisingly cheaper than anything I could find in the internet! Quite rare for me to see that, its always cheaper in the internet for me OuO I bought it without thinking twice.

And now she is mine :D
 I'm a sucker for animal prints. Also a repost from my IG

Alright. So, let me get this straight. The room I'm staying at had only one small window and the sunlight coming through it aren't really enough to lit the room. I always had my makeup imbalanced on my face because I depended on the fluorescent light on my ceiling which is, really not enough. Googling again! 

I found out that you don't really need the retro, Hollywood, bulbs-surrounding mirror to get the perfect lighting at home. 

OMG But If I have the money I am so going to get this!
Taken from : Purebeauty101

All you need is a working study/table lamp that would be able to give you enough lighting to your face while you're applying your makeup and you could achieve similar sunlight effect with daylight bulb. Off I went to Mydin and found this less than RM15 study lamp in RED. 

 If its red, its rad

 As you can see, its just some normal, hypermarket's kind of electrical stuff. Nothing fancy. It lit up max 40w, its great so I won't squint while I'm doing my makeup :P

This is the only daylight's bulb that is 40w worth that I could find. And I rather buy a brand bulb so I won't get them crack while I'm putting it on. I am not taking the risk for this!

With all these essential stuffs, I think I am already set to do some self-study and practise, practise, practise! 

I don't think I am going to do the haul for my other makeup stuffs like mascara, eyeliner, tubes of lipsticks because basically I am using what I need for myself. Okay, before hygiene police come up to me and told me that we shouldn't share mascara because of bacteria, yes, I know. I am little scratchy on my budget for the time being to get some disposable mascara wands, I am saving some money so I could use them hygienically for my future clients. As of for now, I don't have actual clients yet and the mascara I have right now, I am using it only between me and Amal (the friend that I assisted on her nikah day). I know the ethics but for now, I have to say, I come to be lenient because most of them are my girlfriends. Come on, don't pretend that you don't share your favorite pump of mascaras with your friends at slumber party. Everyone did!

But worry not, I won't share the actual mascara's wand with every clients, being all daft and abandoning hygiene prospect. I would definitely get my mascara wands in bulk soon ^^

On how do I know what stuffs should I get, I was inspired (or more like, guided) by the series of 'Building your kit' in Beautylish by James Vincent. It really helps me a lot in this term and Beautylish itself is a good hub for a lot of tips, tricks and trends in everything beauty. 

Ohh! Just sharing a fact that I just realized few months before I decided to be a makeup artist on my own, I've bought a Bobbi Brown book on sale at BookXcess through my friend but the book failed to be send to me so I am going to just get it from her at any ACG (Anime, Comic & Games) event we're going to attend. ^^ I'm supposed to get it from her at ACG but I couldn't attend, thanks to my financial status right now a.k.a unemployed. 

It's Bobbi Brown's MakeUp Manual! 

Read the summary and reviews here at Amazon!

And look at how CHEAP it is from BookXcess! 
Pic courtesy of BookXcess FB

This is great and I would like to get the book immediately because Bobbi Brown's philosophy in makeup is parallel to my belief on beauty. Which I would discuss soon in my other post, InsyaAllah (God's willing) it would be jumbled in the post of why I love makeup and why do I love it so much. Hopefully! 

I would love to share with you the video from a beauty Guru who shares her wisdom, inspires and advices all in a single video which actually helps me to get a good, much clearer idea on how should I start and where do I go. 

I couldn't thank beauty guru/bloggers enough with all these helpful stuffs. I am very grateful for internet. Thank you so much Tim Berners-Lee, Google, Youtube and people who starts out blogging

Well, I think thats all about it! Its a little funny that I am sharing a part of my life, the start of my journey in the internet as a paranoid I used to be, having the thoughts I am going to regret this later but I know if I want to work things out and be brave, I have to tell the world, I am ready. COME WHAT MAY! 

Even if you don't plan t become a professional in this field, I wish that you could gain something from this post! ^^ 

Welp, its 2.17am and I'm off to bed.

Yay! You've made it to the end of this ridiculous post LOL

Bye Bye

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life Transitions


I would really love to avoid the cliche sentence of 'its been a while since I last write/update anything on this blog' but when I am scramming my head on this, its really hard not to do so! I mean, its just polite to say sorry (for who? the internet? LMAO) for being absent quite sometimes after being so dedicated in posting in one period of a time. 

So, yes, ITS BEEN A WHILE SINCE I LAST WRITE ANYTHING ON THIS BLOG. LOL big bold caps locked because apparently its really fun to annoy people who think of this as cliche. In extra annoying method, even. 

AAaaaaaaaaannndd there are reasons for me to finally post something on this blog. Like, at least not a ranting post or a test page for my mobile apps LOL. This is a real post. I don't know how to describe a real blog post as but it is a real blog post, not a test post or whatsoever. Oh. I didn't know how to communicate through blog anymore LOL this is awkward (waves) (stumbles) (waves again).

Maybe any of you who have been following this blog knows exactly that this blog is KPOP/Korean-Malaysian oriented based on my past posts, its just the exact reason why this blog is namely 'Sayanghaeyo' formerly known as heavenfragrance (also the name of my alter-email which I lost the password to it which I don't care anymore which is dead, which is probably full of spams). 

So this blog won't lose its nature, posting basically KPOP/Korean-Malaysian thing, this is the thing that I happen to found myself being very interested of. Especially Super Junior.

However, there is additional to this blog's purpose. Also, a change that I never thought would happen when I started this blog. 

The additional purpose : The record of my journey as non-beauty school Makeup Artist

I didn't post much of my personal stuffs in this blog since I am very paranoid of myself being involved and active in KPOP local scene. Not very sure of why I am so afraid of before but now that I am already in my mid-20s, I have to learn to overcome that. 

To do so, I might want to start sharing what I really love to do. And accept criticism wisely. 

Also, I have a huge passion of cosmetics and beauty since I was a little girl. I thought of doing it much more seriously, helping girls out there to understand that cosmetics aren't supposed to change you, but it empowers what you already have inside. (Partially very influenced by Michelle Phan, obviously). 

So I've decided to record my journey to become the makeup artist who didn't attend beauty school/courses. Though, I plan to go to some big names seminar like Nurul Shukor's etc in the future to gain more knowledge. 

I would post my experience, share the new-found knowledge, debate-able thoughts, beauty hacks, tips etc that would benefits (hopefully!) to the people of the internet. 

So thats the additional plan. 

And here comes the changes to this blog. 

Whew. I'm so afraid to be bold on this but what the heck. Its my life. And its how I transits my life. 

H8rz g0nna h8!!!

Sayanghaeyo would be a blog which is heavily biased on EXO and D.O

Sayanghaeyo started out as Heavenfragrance that posts about Super Junior and Sungmin regularly. I've also announced on the side of this blog that Lee Sungmin of Super Junior is my eternal bias. 

To respect readers, followers and the people of the internet (yea, I know, who cares but you know what, I care, so I am posting this! Please refer to Nicki Minaj above), I think its just polite to address that I am changing this blog to EXO and D.O biased from it's original intent. 

So please don't be surprised to see a heavy influx of awkward young boys instead of very charming old oppa-deul. 

Especially this kid.

K. I would explain about him later. Right now, I need to talk about this bias-transitions. 

If you've read the whole posts in this blog, you would see how much of an E.L.F I am. How much I adore the band that have changed my opinion and helped me believe in dreams come true all over a very immature tones, I couldn't deny that LOL I laughed so hard reading them old posts. 

I am foreseeing people disliking the fact that I am turning from a Super Junior total fan (I am SMTOWN bias yes, but I dedicated my whole K-fangirling energy to Super Junior) to a total EXO fan. Yes, I said  it. Total. I don't even bother to halves because its really hard to do so. At least for me.

My energy and focus are limited. I wish I could provide the same amount of love to every each of bands and individuals that I dearly love. However, I understands my limits which includes my time, financial and passion of course. If I were stuck in two things, I need to chose one over another to stay focus. I dislike myself doing things half-ass. If I were to like something, I would want the best out of it. Thus the need of my whole attention and energy. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love Super Junior. First love is hard to die. 

Just that I wouldn't find myself being the person who would be the same like I did years ago with them. That includes being active in SJ fans activities locally. 

If this is what considered as betrayal, lets take time to ponder that changes happen whether you like it or not. If you thought few fans grown out of love, leaving, graduating could shaken SJ's reputation, then you have less than faith on SJ ability, talent and SJ themselves. They are the Hallyu leader, one hella big of a name compared to few years ago. Fans come and go, it happens. We have to trust them on this, they could go strong even when they're balding already LOL! 

This is what some of us call, transitions in life. 

Refusing to understand this nature just means we're refusing to grow up and admit that things change according to time. 

I am at this phase to realized that I no longer posses the ability to give my all since I stands with more commitments now and it is sad to know that humanself has limits. If I want to make the best out of it, I need to be firm on only one and give it all out. If you, however, has the talents and sources to go multiply, then good for you. Go on with it if you're able to do so. For me, I know my own limits and I am sorting it accordingly.

Why the serious talk on this supporting this band from the other band you say?

Only time would tell :)

Geez, I hope you understand what I'm trying to convey here? I am trying to explain it as simple and in the most non-offensive ways so people wouldn't had their day ruined. 

Please anticipate useful posts soon!

Thank you

(why the flying duck do I even put Sayanghaeyo here)

(why do I put my name here, i am not writing a letter)

(Oh, this is so awkward...)

Monday, August 22, 2011

This I Promise You, Kim Heechul [약속]

I saw a nostalgic dream
At that time we became close
Everyone understood the overflowing loneliness

(pic credit as tagged)

By the time we realized
That something was precious, it was too late
The feelings that pass us by are always too dazzling

If I ever hurt you until you want to cry
At that time, I'll sing for you until your tears dry up
(pic credit as tagged)

If it's the dream that you chased
Don't be afraid of getting hurt
On nights then you tremble, I'll hold you close
And so
Stop with that sad looking face
Let me see your smile
It's more wonderful and more precious to me than anything else, that smile

I can still remember it now
There's no forever right here
I kept gazing at the people who vanished with sad eyes

There's no one who'd ride a car without brakes
That's what was whispered
You looked down and tried to be strong; I just drew you close and embraced you tightly

If it's a dream that you want to grant
Don't hang your head and cry
On sleepless nights, I'll be there for you
Until you can see dreams
Don't be so embarrassed
Let me see your smile
It's more wonderful and more precious to me than anything else, that smile

We told each other about countless dreams at that time
We can't go back, anymore, but still

If it's the dream that you chased
Don't be afraid of getting hurt
On nights then you tremble, I'll hold you close
And so
Stop with that sad looking face
Let me see your smile
It's more wonderful and more precious to me than anything else, that smile

If it's a dream that you want to grant
Don't hang your head and cry
On sleepless nights, I'll be there for you
Until you can see dreams
Don't be so embarrassed
Let me see your smile
It's more wonderful and more precious to me than anything else, that smile

That smile...

Its really weird how I get so emotional over Heenim getting enlisted this first september of 2011. I was quite calm for Kkang's. Probably because he, the Heenim that we know had fractures here and there, the Heenim that we follow is known to hate getting drenched in sweats.


I am very proud of Kim Heechul, our Cinderella Heenim for volunteering to enlist in the army despite of all the things we had all been worried of. Once he sign up, he is already the Korean Pride. Once his name is official for the army, he is already E.L.F. pride and Super Junior proud boys.

Of course, I cried and reluctant a bit. Its just normal that I'd be missing him, his crazy antics and his magical presence. Pretty sure all of us fans are like this at first. But this is what he wants to do. We shall put faith on him, as much as he believed on us.

Releasing him for 2 years from the glamorous world would even make our love for him even greater. Wonder how the comeback would look like?

Would you still be here to welcome him back?



I'd be waiting for you, Kim Heechul ♥ You'd be making the greatest comeback ever \O/


p/s: I was planning to send both him and Jungsoo but within these 10 days? I just don't have the fund to do so plus its Eid. LOL

Lyrics translation of Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume from Gackt taken here