Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm No Backpacker-like Gurl!!

About 3-4 hours before travelling, if you asked me to go, I'll say no.

This time, I'm not following. A little protest would help people realized what am I made of.

It's not that I'm this somewhat all-organized person (nope, wrong person :P), but I'm particular about going places. Especially when you had to present yourself to other people. I need that time to sorts what needs to bring along, I don't simply jam-packed, because I used to do that. No fun at all.

I am impulsive, and could do things on the spot. But when it comes to travelling, gosh. Please let me know earlier, I'm not going to let myself feels like being kidnapped!!

Sometimes, I don't really know myself at all....*sigh*

Mad & Home Alone


Friday, November 28, 2008

The Joy Of Giving.....

It's a day out with fellow cingu

And I'm really happy today~

Doing things, with the girls that can accept me the way I am

Though getting picked, I'm always happy spending hours with them

And the most precious thing is to see the rejoicement when you're giving


I always wished myself to be rich, and never forget birthdays

So I could continue giving and giving ^^

I'm happy when everybody around me are happy!!

Loaded with Haengbokness

Norfolk Pine


I was shopping around for the Members Only Bargain. Bought the pants that usually fits me. Since the mall is flooded with people, I had no intention to try it out at the fitting room. As that usual size fits me.

When I went back home, I tried it on.

It got stuck at the thights.


To think that I bought 4 pants.... (T_T)*sigh*

And now I'm taking seriously on the slimming plan I had been digging around while in college.

By the way, take a look on this funny, dorky, Yunho's and Yoochun's (called NoKy Brothers) for a CF ^^. Hilarious Alert!!!

Part I

Part II:

Lots of Sarang
Chubby Heaven

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SMTOWN Thai Concert vs. Riots

What happen at the Thailand Airport had caused stirs among SM artistes' fans and to think that putting the risk over safety, gosh.... No comment, it's dangerous, yet, my heart goes out to those who bought the tix already~

But I wished that my FAV hwangjas and Thai fans are safe~

One after another cancellation (Paran and U-Kiss concert at Malaysia cancellation), just broke my heart and I almost lose the hope.

Still, I wish that ELF Malaysia can organize the Super Show by their won. It would involve passion as for one of the advantages ^^

To Thai ELFs, hang on there. Heard that they are still going for you even if they had to swim!! And hope that the crisis in Thailand would end a.s.a.p. The settlement might not sounds that easy, but I prayed that they can get the best solution out of it.

Lots of Love from Malaysian ELF

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I was browsing the Super Show's pixies of the cute hwangjas

And I saw Heenim's t-shirt (though everyone practically wear it also)


*going crazy, bangings head to the wall*

Monday, November 24, 2008

Latest on my FAVORITESSS~~

Okay, when I kept myself busy in the real world, making stuffs, than only I realised that I forgot to share~

Let's start with Super Junior. The multiplied hwangjas (which of course I love every one of them XD) just finished with their Shanghai Super Show!! There are lots of fancams with every singles song are provided in YouTube, many thanks to Liz99bb's for the uploads. Here is the link to her channel, and you can pick what to watch it from there.
Super Junior's photobook in Tokyo with DVD, and 2009 calendar is ready to be in your hand! You can get your preorder at

And they are planning for THIRD ALBUM EVEYRBODY!!!!!! 2009 is going to be SUPERJUNIOR'S YEAR!!!! *fangirlism shrieks* Though the date is still ambigous, it is clear they are now preparing for the new album :) Ryeowook cyworld's had picture of him and Kyuhyun doing their recording at the studio~

Oh, and gongxi, gongxi for Super Junior-M as they had been awarded as Most Popular Group in Southeast Explosive Music Chart Awards!!! JIAYOU3!!

For DBSK updates, gosh... I had to congratulates them a lots!! The amazing boys had won theirselves the:-
1.MKMF Auction Best Style Award
2. MKMF Mobile Popularity Award
3. MKMF Auction Netizen’s Choice Award
4. MKMF 2008 Overseas Viewer Award
5. MKMF BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Daesang for album)

And our maknae, Changminnie cried his heart out upon receiving Best Album Of The Year award!! You can watch him crying (hihhihihiii) here:-
There are also lot's of interviews and variety shows they had attended, there are so many stories never before told are unveiled!! Chocolate, Champagne, Come to Play, Family Outing, Jeonsil Notes, Happy Together and the list is still growing to be watched!! Currently, their albums are selling high, expected to break the Korean sells records that is unbreakable for 2 years. People, 2008 is really DBSK's year!! Personally, I'm in love with Wrong Number right now~ DBSK, AJA!

For SHINee dongsaengs, my sweet little fairies are being at lots of photoshoots recently. Marie Claire, CLRIDE etc. I see that they are in demands from those fashionistas~ think their motto is clear, music+fashion. Beaute! SHINee had performed DBSK's Rising Sun for MKMF's opening performance, sweet~ They won theirselves the Best Newcomer Award!!! And they are honored to give away MKMF 10th anniversary commemorative award to Moon Hee Jun, former H.O.T's member. Check it out:-> Giving award to Moon Hee Jun
They even went to the over sea!! Recently, they had interview and performed at Thailand for Channel V. How cool is that? They're doing Arirang's Monologue, and currently only Onew's are presented in Youtube. Better check them out frequently ^^ --> Onew's Monologue --> SHINee Channel V Thai
Think that's all that I can update briefly~ enjoy!! Oh, and the downloads section is up. Many, many, loads of thanks to Wendi and Star for their wonderful site. See my hotspotzz than you'll know ^^
Majestic_Heaven of Priceless Voice a.k.a PriVo

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Doing make overss!!

Ten days straight, since the day I left college, I haven't post anything here. Haha! Guessed I'm being a happy person right at home~

My departure as the senior, was a dramatic one. All heads that popped out from the hostel, kamsahamnida so much, you girls made me felt loved. *tears*

Hmmm....the land that I left, had so many memories. I am very sure one day I'll come back as someone new, and made the college I attend so proud of me. One day....yeah.

Okay, so right when I stepped down to my homie, calls pouring in. Getting appointments and automatically, the first week of my holiday is filled with dates!! XD I didn't expect that, and it was fun, catching up news and such with all of them.

Everytime we had dates, it's always the MALL and SHOPPING!!!

Since I had left that room of mine so long, it certainly needs some make over. I'm not the same high-schooler who needs motivational posters to get As anymore. Hence, whenever I get to spree, I flew to seek for decorations and organizers stuff. Which made my girls bored of me, yet, really understanding.

I'm going to change my room into pink blue, with a little motive of VIP inside. Once I get the them right, I'm going to post em!!

Currently so active!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I hate my dreams!!! ARRGGHH!!

Finally I've finished my papers. Ahhh!!! So happy *bounce*bounce*

.....and the nightmare is to pack all these stuff I had, cluttering everywhere. Huh!

So I went to Pasar Malam last night with my fellow level-mate. We're on the mission to buy some boxes, packing mission next.

And there, I was browsing with my girls, trying to find the food that was well-ordered from our friends. So we hit the pasar, looking for the subjected food.

I was busy searching (I felt like google searching engine at that time) when suddenly my roomate pulls me from my way to another stall. I was like; !@#$^&*()*%$#!???

She said she saw something unpleasant. So I checked my shoe, did I stepped on the cat's poo??? And suddenly all my girls gathered around me to check it too. It's kind of loud for 2 secs, and my roomate said, no! Not that she meant.

She points to the next stall I was trying to walk on, a glimpse of a familiar Adidas jacket. My hand flew to my mouth. GOSH!!

I don't even dream to meet him again before I went home.

So, the other girlfriends don't have any idea on what me and my roomate are doing, walking around avoiding the dude. Huhh.... had made me all upside down. I was rushing to went out from the pasar, and quickly wanna go home. But I think, he spotted me. So, to think that, I should have let go and move on.

I texted him. Though I lied that I thought I saw him. At least I talked (non-verbal) to him.

Our life had parted. And we should move on.

So! Recently, I dreamed this weird dream of getting chased at huge mansion. The chaser wants me to marry their daughter. Of course I ran. And I was running, in gaming mode the screen was. Where the options and all are on the screen of my dream. I always end up getting caught at the garden filled with hibiscus. Than, I woke up. I have been dreaming this deadly dream for nearly 5 TIMES!!

And never liked it!!

I hate chase dreams!!! EXHAUSTING!!

That's all. Gotta see my hometown soon, I've been waiting for the home I loved.


Majestic Heaven

Monday, November 10, 2008

One By One, Step By Step

It's the crazy moment.

Felt like boiling those books and drink it all up.

In the hope that I'll digest all the words written.

Managed to pass those bitter days anyway. Sleepless nights, and instant noodles beside me...aish!! Hate myself as Varsity student!

Many thanks to P-shii for the accompany~ hehehe

Next paper is going to be tough, hope I can answer all like I did with the past papers!!!

Heaven, HWAITING!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Super Junior oppas!!

I loved you guys a bit late, but I am thankful to know the wonders you guys had made before this year's anniversary (thanks to PriVo!! Esp Miss Pleiades).

Had introduced me to love of asia even more. And had me searching more for something different than before. You guys are awesome!! FIGHTING!!

Looking forward for more of yuh all~~ I love you.

Lots of sarang~

Miss Norfolk Pine from M45 and The Norfolk Pine a.k.a NoPi of Priceless Voice.

Miwo (hate you) mode

Just get out from the exam hall with all my confidence. Than stepping out to see those carry mark.

Damn. I'm blue rite away.

I hate my carry marks. I even hate myself. Now I hate everything.

But I can't hate my craving to go on............
Neway, listen up to SHINee's AMIGO. Though I don't approve words like 'slave' and 'sexy' to be used for such young boys like them, well; I enjoyed myself when listening to them so much, so take a bite on it.

Song: Romantic (SHINee)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Over my obsessions and galzfwen

It's final exam. I'm in the most stressed period of my youth~~~

It got cured anyway, with some dose of fanfics and boybands. LOL. Nowadays, fallin' for G-Dragon of Big Bang. Since the song Number 1 got blasted, I think I just totally drawn to Big Bang!! My galfwen said TOP-shii had that, pure, rapper voice, dude, his English is the best anyway.

So it's been a while since I had been happy. Now I'm happy. Though the things are not settled yet, but I'm happy all those conflicts get lessen. I don't have to think of it as examinations are the main focus of everyone. I'm happy. As long as the boyband I love the most (note: Super Junior) is still standing and the fans are still growing~ ha~

Umm...and yep3. I had gone mad wif my dude, Pleiades Rhapsody to form a group. It'll be called M45 and Norfolk Pine. Our genre should be included country and hiphop. But it's still under construction. Hopefully, this subgroup of Priceless Voice (formed with Miss Virtual El) can do well like we did in PriVo.

Gotta go, HWAITING!!

Majestic Heaven