Saturday, April 25, 2009

Officially In Hiatus

Kibum: You're using me
Norfy: Am not 
Kibum: Whatever
Norfy: Ok, I'm using you.

Yes honey bunches~


Don't miss me, go miss Kibum. He deserves it. 

Will be back with tons of crappings and spazzes

on 1st MAY 2009

Please take good care of yourself and be healthy everyone~


p/s: Damn. I sounds like I will be missed!! LMAO!!! Nobody would, lame Norfy!!! XD Oh well, just pretend there will be a bunch who will be missing me :P

KENAPAAAAAAA??????? KENAPA KELAKAR SANGAT?? (Why??? Why so funny????)

*credits to LEMONxKISS@YT


Pendek umur tengok video ni, tak sengaja terklik pulak kat 'intimate notes EunChul'. Betul-betul tak sengaja! *ketawa kuat-kuat*

Aku ada lagi dalam 6 jam nak periksa MUET. ENAM JAM LAGI DENGAN REPORT TAK SIAP DENGAN PRESENTATION TAK SIAP HAPA! Apa aku dah buat ni......

Apakah yang Heenim buat?? Tak graceful langsung!! Eunhyuk pergi kenalkan diri sebagai Mrs. Han Geng pulak. Yang suami aku tak usah katalah....pergi selak skirt pulak. Konon gengster la tu (isteri kau ni lagi gengster.....) Kangin.....tak payah komen la.....Kang tak pasal aku dapat anti-fans. Sakit perut tengok 4 orang ni semua pergi menari 'Sorry Sorry' pulak~ Yang Gee tu aku boleh terima lagi. Adoi, tuhan, tolong. Esok aku nak exam......T^T

Hah, kau. Sampai terkeluar bahasa melayu aku....... nanti lah penulis tulis dalam english balik. Setakat ni.....I'm incoherent........

My husband is crazy! Ahh!! Let's claim the whole SJ gone crazy already!!

Oh my god, it's really not my fault that I went unintentionally to watch 'Intimate Notes' EunChul'!! I saw the words EunChul anc click on it accidentally, probably because I see the date is quite recent~


What did Heenim think he is doing?? So not graceful!! Eunhyuk introduced himself as Mrs. Hang Geng, oh gosh!! No need to say a thing about my husband...... he and his skirt.....what the.... he thinks he is doing a 'bad-girl attitude' (without knowing his wife here is much bad-ass than him). comment. Or else I'll invite some anti-fans here!!! Milord~ these four boys really kills me (in a bad way) with those costumes and dancing Sorry Sorry with it!! Even 'GEE' is much more acceptable for me~ God, help me, I got an exam to face tomorrow.......T^T

There you go, my English translations of the Malay-post and told you, I'm incoherent to express myself in English before. I really did! For the first time I'm clueless and had to write in my native's language in this blog. Gosh..... I will wait for the sub next!! XD


p/s: Sorry, this one really killed me before I went to bed. Finished revising and I goes to check my mail. All I got is this un-subbed vid which ends up with me posting about it. Will credits the uploader later. Credited. I'm going to bed right now.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sungmin is pervert........

Yeah, that is my husband in skirt. And with pigtails. And flashing whatever is there to see.

My husband is a pervert....aigoo...what to do.....

He don't do this everyday, I swear. But he never even try to refuse when people wants to see him like this......what happen to you.....hubby-ah....


I did cross-dressed as guys before. Fair?

I'll be in sharp suits and ties to court Sungmin in skirts. *smirking*

Geez! I sounds so wrong!!

Oh well.


*vidz credits to CodeAnalysis@YT

Tomorrow morning I'll hit MUET. On the night, I'll be off to Terengganu until 1st May to present my report and presentation of Industrial Training.

Wish me luck honey bunchessss!!!!


p/s: I just wanna post that Min's pic and write a few lines. But SJ ends up winning the K-chart and I just can't stop babbling about it. So...

**pic fr sungmin baidu, credits to

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tribute to the leaders

Park Jung Soo, leader of Super Junior

My respect to you for bearing all the pain and hard works of taking care both the fans and 15 boys.
Though you seemed somewhat witty to be a leader, a cry baby, but you did well. You got the aura to comprehend each of the boys. And you're the one who bridged ELF and Super Junior, updating your cyworld regularly to keep fans knew what is up with SJ.

Tan Han Geng; Super Junior M's leader

There would be no SJ-M if there is no Tan Han Geng. Facing the uproar of crazy fans on the early appearance of SJ-M, you've been into so much stress but you manage to smile and give the best to those who loves. 
I'm looking forward for more SJ-M, because it's true, when SJ-M sings 'It's gonna be ME', it is you guys who turns negativity into positive light.

Jung Yunho; DBSK leader

You got just what it takes to be a leader. The charisma, the value, the firmness, the discipline, all wrapped into one and there is Jung Yunho for DBSK. 
Emerging as a leader for a very well-known boy band in the whole wide world takes a lot of guts. To do and what to not do seems to be in your head all the time, but you always cool it no matter what. You're certainly,  a born leader.

Kim Hyun Joong; SS501 leader

I would never know, judging from your pretty face, that you're going through such hard life before you get to where you are right now. 
I do think that hard life makes you a good leader. With such bitter experience, you could handle all the other members so well. 

Park Jae Bum; 2PM's leader

Seriously, you're the first leader that I thought would never think of what other people said! You goes dorky just as much as you can, you never afraid of being yourself.
And what?? You're the leader of such charismatic and synchronized group?? Haha~ but really. I know deep down your hilarious side is the great magnet to make your members follow you.

Jo Kwon; 2AM's leader

I don't know how to describe you. But you charm people arounds you and makes people quickly recognized the talent of 2AM so rapid, I can't even remember when did you guys become so popular?
I do think, you had been a good leader by marketing your group so well. Using yourself as bait, that is. Hahaha~

Choi Jong Hoon; FT Island's leader

Jong Hoon-ah. I know you're the leader. But you don't have to give that cold smirk all the time. Sometimes I thought you're much older than me because of that. I wonder how did you handle the boys within silent? I don't think you're the type who talks a lot.
The most important, how do you handle the manic Hong Ki? Since you can handle him, you're cool!

Lee Jinki; SHINee's leader

Sangtae, my dear sangtae, Onew sangtae. You did lots of awkward moments, you did received lots of laugh and melts lots of hearts with that sexy voice and that innocent smile. 
But I had to admire you because you had been a bravo leader for the newcome group like SHINee. Your tears in last MKMF, I don't understand. But I can see you've been working hard that you slowly becomes like Jung Soo.......

LEADERS!!! You're there not only to lead, but you're the point for people to see the flock that you lead. 

It's been hard.

But you guys have done the utmost best of yours.

You might be not my favorite members in the group you're in.

But you're definitely the one I get to give my respect to.

Thanks for the hardwork.

I love you, LEADERS!!!

Sayanghaeyo, Mr. Leaders

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Sungmin: Yeah, wife is in pre-hiatus and will not blog for some days. So I hope everybody would be patient and looks forward for her comeback.
Kyuhyun: *sigh*(Hyung, I'm so sorry you have to do this. Her gun is on my head at that time!!)


I'm in pre-hiatus. 

Which means I can still online. But I will be less participate.

Because I'm preparing for the things below.

I got MUET this Saturday, Sunday to submit my report,
Monday I had to present my whole industrial training thing.

Soon, I'll be in hiatus to settle the above matters. 

Don't turn your back on me. I'll cry.


p/s: Hahahahhahahahhaahhahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahaha~ at the last pic. I purposely put that with no reason

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Please Geng....leave me........I'm taken already....

Lately, I can't get Hangeng's high nose bridge, and his charismatic eyes out of my mind.

When he flashes his smile in those pictures, and than watching how naive and cute he is in those shows and interviews......

Will you marry me~





Hangeng ah~ it's already a pain for me to choose my fav members among 13+2 hot Super Junior...... please, I beg you not to sweep in my heart and kicks out any of the top 5..... tired of changing it time by time.....and Teukie is a new comer in that chart...

and I don't even like you at first, thought you're acting all too cool, too suave....


*Ok, I had enough!*


*piccies are taken from various sites when I'm being insane~ but mostly are from

Thank You So Much For Being MATURE!

Yunho: Eow! We so love each other, why are our fans like that?
Jungsoo: Some fans...I'm kind of dissapointed too. We're so okay that we hugs here
Yunho & Jungsoo: Seriously, MAKE LOVE NOT WAR!!!

From Our Beloved Cassiopeia

Image Hosted by
*click for larger view*
From Our Ever Lasting Friends who stay sane

Image Hosted by
*click for larger view


Sayanghaeyo is back!

p/s: Just in case you wonder why I put purple, well. Red+Blue=Purple ^^

*channel V's screencap credits to
**Sapphirepearls' screencap originally taken from; credits to

Monday, April 20, 2009

Unhealthy fandom is like this.....












Sunday, April 19, 2009


Norfy: As a birthday gift, I'll Tango with you!!
MiMi: ............ No thanks~

Glitter Graphics

MiMi-ah~~ I am sorry, I used to hate you for nothing~ I was Only13 supporter, but now that I've come to my sense, I can't help but to love you~~ If it was me in your shoe, I would definitely resigns from the industry, but you're one strong lad. You show us your sincerity and passion. I love it so much, that I slowly fell for you........

MiMi-ah~ Wo Hen Ai Ni~ 

Grow stronger, I love you. Have a great birthday!!! Just like however you like it!!

I want to see you more this year, never tired of you.


Happy Birthday once again ^^


p/s: And I don't know why I want you to marry Li Yin~ LMAO!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pre-hiatus hits me

I'm addicted to you
Don't you know that you're toxic?

And when Norfy hits pre-hiatus, she will spazz something out of her mind. Mianhe in advance. And since I had no mood with Mucore~ yeah. 

First, Sungmin used to say he loves nice legs. (checks own legs, wonder if it's good enough)

Second, he settled with another statement saying he loves girls who can cook well (bite nails)

Third, Jojo told me to watch today's star king but I totally forgot and went for my hair appointment. Lucky my daughter is very bagus! She wrote roughly about the show and I found Sungmin-ah...he...haiz...... 

Now don't know la what to do.................... I'll go michyeo, changing my personality to fit his dream girl criteria. Am I obsessed? Yes, I do think so.

(Why is this author so stupid? She won't even get the chance anyway to date the guy, what the heck is in her mind? Try looking at your reflection in the mirror la wei!!!)

Oi, I'm not alone you know. Anyway, let me be in this stupid fantasy by my own~ I'll wake up sooner, just...just let me enjoy la ok? Youth comes only once, when can I do this stupid things? LOL!! 

I'm not pretty.

I can't cook (I wanna add 'at all', but I can cook spaghetti and a set of kangkung belacan, YAY!).

Guys treat me like they treat their guy-friend. I'm not the sweet-sweet girl any guy would dream of.

I don't know....maybe I should wake up by now? TT___TT

(Ya! Ya! Wake up la!! Ish, wasting time also. Go look for a BF la. Be realistic.)

But I only want LEE SUNGMIN!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ok. I had enough. Bye!


p/s: I seriously attended cooking class because of the news...............and I'm seriously signing up for aerobic class because I'm being reminded of the info. Seriously, I'm obsessed, but my dad is happy, he thought I found someone....LOLz!!!

**pic credits as


Image Hosted by
Any transmission of information without credits to MYSJ & Warner Music (M) Sdn Bhd is strictly prohibited.
Source: Warner Music (M) Sdn Bhd
Original text by: yinyin
Translation by: Karen
Checking by: 银水晶

So, please save up y'all! And do spread the words around!! XD SUPPORT SUPER JUNIOR's ALBUM MALAYSIAN VERSION!!


p/s: Starting from now on, short spazzes would take place as I'm facing MUET, Driving test, Preparing reports, Preparing presentations, all crammed in ONE WEEK!!!

Wish that I'm still alive after the upcoming weeks~ LOL!!!

And yeah, I seriously hate Mubank, OFFICIALLY. No, not because SJ didn't win. I'm professional fangirl (WTH?? XD). Just that the cameras and lightings. I couldn't forgive them for making my eyes SORE like mad!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Because I love energetic girls

*vidz credits to xBaybiieGlamax@YT
WOW! I SPAZZ ABOUT GIRLS!!!! *celebrates with Zhoumi* 
(readers: WTH??? Why Mimi?? Not Ming?? 

Yeah, yeah. A fangirl of such boys (points to my profile sections at the left), maybe I should reveal I'm a long-time fangirl of Morning Musume and Ayumi Hamasaki, I'm also a one year old fan of Mika Nakashima. I love Spice Girls back in 90s too. Just in case you might thought that I goes gaga over boys only. Bwahahaha!

As soon as I discovered Hyoyeon from Into The New World MV, I was wondering if Korea got some fierce lady on stage? Oh, I know Hyori is in the list. But.....can I get someone younger? Sorry Sorry Hyori-unni, still loves you though~ And discovered Son Dam Bi's Cry Eye. AMAJJING!!!! And reading about her wow-ed me also. So I told in this blog, I'm officially a fan of hers. Son Dam Bi's style in the new MV is kinda...hee hee hee~ but it gets the 80's feeling though! She really worked it! Love those shoes and shoulder-padded jacket. LOL!! But else, I love this song, got me singing it without realising. I wish I could see her in a new MV with more energetic dance routine, because she can do so much more than this. 

As much as I love Big Bang........pardon me VIPs and fellow YG family's lovers out there, I'm quite disturbed with 2ne1. I mean, the first impression of them is quite funny. I don't like their style. I know Wonder Girls had some quirky, funny dress too *cough* Tell Me *cough* but it's still okay for me. It actually gave me ideas of fun-loving, and Yoobin's black dress shot some high-lights there despite of the colorful members in the MV. But 2ne1...that hair.... that swim-suit looking and even a printed kemban-dress? I'm so sorry....Gosh, suddenly reminds me to this discussion about Ah Lians and Lalas with Jojo yesterday~ And since 2ne1 is not debuting yet, I'll keep my mouth shut. I just hope they'll fulfil the name of 'Female Big Bang' that people kept tagging to them or else I'll be IN HUGE DISSAPPOINTMENT. 

My FAV on-stage costumes
Uniformed=never goes wrong=too safe=no fun>Still OK

WTH? WTH?? WTH??? WTH????

I told you before I'm not a big fan of SNSD. Maybe because, if I told people I'm a fan, I will feel really-really plastic. Because, actually, sweet-sort of girls are not my type. But I do love their vibes and virus. Whenever I get tired with my masculine side, I'll never go wrong to watch SNSD and KARA. And if you're questioning about my Morning Musume-ness, well, I just get over it when I watch BoA's Eat You Up. 

So, I don't really like After School at first, because it seems like a PCD-double in making. But do I love Park Ga Hee's rap?? Yes I do!! And their Diva is not bad either. Sometimes, I do think female Big Bang should be given to After School when I watch DIVA. 

Conclusion? Maybe I love girls who can manage to look mean, fierce on stage but is incredibly sweet, souffle, sensitive inside. I'm not lesbian! But I do love these kind of girls in the mean of, respecting, admiring and I-wish-I-am-one thing, yeah like that. This is my arts of fangirling to girls, so people, my pure POV. No bashes please!!!


p/s: I dun have time to seek for global updates!!! I have to move it for my Training's report!! GTG!!

edit:- <<---some new pics of 2ne1. Some not bad though~ some just bleehhhh......

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


*Pic of Adam is not current

I don't know if it's a big news for you guys or not, but our Malaysian pop-singer, Adam (best known as Adam Akademi Fantasia) is really A SUPER JUNIOR'S FANBOY!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Here is the proof. Thank you so much to for sharing this info!!

What do you think? Okay, let's pardon him for his broken Korean and his weird singing mates as well. At least, he made people curious. Who is Super Junior??? Kudos for Adam!!!! I'm starting to like him!! XD

Hmmm.....Adam? I think you're going to receive a lots of love from Malaysian ELF. Well, I told you guys before. I don't dig Malay-pop right? I don't even know he is releasing a new album, and that was 2008. LMAO!! So, to do justice as he had commercialize our SUPER JUNIOR ~ I'll just promote his new album here. 

 Adam 3's jacket

LOL!! I don't know how to promote it!! Okay, here is an article which spazz about his new album. It's in Malay sadly. If I have the time, I'll translate it in english. LOL!! And to get some preview on how or what kind of music he brings in, vid is below. And here you can download some of his songs from the Adam3. PLEASE SUPPORT ADAM BY PURCHASING HIS ORIGINAL ALBUM!! 

Aha~ Sorry Sorry Adam. I really don't know how to promote you. But I hope this did justice~ CONTINUE FANBOYING!!! I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO SEE YOU DANCING SORRY SORRY NEXT!!!!


He'll stand in Malaysia because his love for Super Junior. Now, that would sounds bad to him. Hehehehe~~ oh, Adam. Pardon me, I just love to see a famous E.L.F and HOW YOU SHOW THE WORLD what you got! XD Aha~ now we got a famous E.L.F in Malaysia. Ottokae~~~

Anyway to end this spazzing~

*damn, I am bias.....

SUPER JUNIOR COME TO PLAY ENGLISH SUBS!!!! Thanks to for the info and for the subs!! ^^ Anyway, just up to eps 2. Give her a break, she subs it so hard. So please don't whine like: "PLEASE SUB THE THIRD PART!!" Or something like that with urge. It's lucky enough for us to have someone who is willing to sub :D

I need my comfortable bed now. Ahhh~~ I still couldn't get my heads right because of the interview. Hahahah~ it's nothing big but the college's environment made my jaw dropped. lol!

That's all honey bunches!!


Current issue for today:



*Adam's vidz all credits to

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Little About Miss Healerzz.......(2)

This post is drafted earlier and automatically posted within the time set upon it. Authoress is not around at the time being.


...somebody called me omma??

Probably you've seen Jorene@Jojo (my given nick to her ^^) in the C-Box calling me 'mama', 'mom', 'mummy' or 'omma' which all links to motherly call. LOL! First of all, I met Jojo in MY-SMTown and we get closer as we always spazz at the forum's c-box together. She starts calling me omma since she reads this post ( Note the part where I said I want Wookie to be my son. Jojo is actually a Wookie-nizer so she called me 'omma' because of this relation!! And I found myself blushing whenever she calls Sungmin 'appa'. HAHAHA!! What a role-play we had here ^^ Jojo can be reached on her blog ( I spazzing about SJ like almost everyday?

I've read the about section at Pretty Boy Power My intentions are somewhat similar with them. LMAO!! Just to share my thoughts and opinons, and to get myself sane enough to meet real people in real life. You can't find me spazzing while I'm working or studying. I seemed just normal (not really, but at least....) and nobody would expect me as a rabid fangirl. 

.....Why the heck am I even bother to write about this??

The main point is not to let my blog IDLE when I'm not around!!!I'm just trying to introduce myself, to all the person who had emailed me personally asking stuffies like this. I know you want to be friends, but I'm really...this is my limit in fangirling. It's not that I'm afraid, but I'm more like securing myself. Please understand that, you might knew me here, but you'll never see me. I may see you, though. LOLZZ!! Maybe the day I retire from fangirling is the day I reveal who am I actually. And that would take a long time to go!! XD Just...let's enjoy this fangirling together, you don't have to know me personally to celebrates this fangirl's term, let me be Miss Healerzz a.k.a Norfy to you. That should be enough. 

Last but not least....

Thank you so much for coming back and forth, reading my craps and all :D I know this is just a personal blog, but I'm glad that people actually read it. Thank you, thank you soooo much! If it possible, leave me some message, I know there is some loyal readers there who always visit but never say anything. I really want you to say something to me ^___^

And my latest craps, ends here. *bows*


Monday, April 13, 2009

A little about Miss Healerzz.......(1)



I am Norfy, my sole and only username as to call myself a fangirl is Miss Healerzz. Am born 1988 in January 23, torn between the zodiac of Rabbit or Dragon because of the date. Norfy is not a real name, it's an endearment given by my dad out of no where. And yes, I prefer to be anonymous when it comes to fangirling because I don't want to get recognized in real life.

Why my name is Miss Healerzz??

Apparently, me and Jung Soo shares the same obsession. Sailormoon. It never gets old to us!! XD One character in the anime is Yaten a.k.a Sailor Healer from a trio called Sailor Starlights. She is flamboyant, masculine yet so pretty. Her mischiveous act is my favorite part and I love her name, Healer. I end up using that name a-la hip hop attitude by adding 'Miss' randomly. The double zz at the end is just to add some personality so I won't bump to another person with the same name :P

Since when I've been calling myself as E.L.F?

As you guys could see, this blog was born back in May 2008. I am not even an ELF yet at that time. I'm still in the process of getting to know Super Junior. Here is my love declaration to Super Junior  and I it seems that, I love Wookie first, and he is the first SJ members that I wished a happy birthday in Sayanghaeyo (formerly known as HeavenlyFragrance). I'm not quite remember, but there is a short period of me falling so hard on Jung Soo so much. I had to calm myself from complimenting his beauty at that time. But it was really short of confessions I wrote here. LOLZ! And yeah, lets take that I'm an E.L.F started from May 2008. And up from that date, I catch up with all the facts and trivias on SJ because...heh. They're simply ADDICTIVE.

Who is.....

P-sshi is one good hell of a friend who should be sentenced to death as for the crime of dragging me to Super Junior loving!!! I can't believe myself when she is actually going crazy to let me know about Super Junior and Korean pops, because since I knew her, she never EVER talk about EAST ASIAN's stuff!!! All that she taught me was...World Cup, football (or soccer if you prefer), the leagues, round robins and yeah, F1. LMAO!!! So I was quite shocked, no. DAMNED SHOCKED!! And it turns out that she had been influenced by Virtual_el at her college. P-sshi loves Donghae the most in SJ and had some huge crush on Sungmin before that. Kim Heechul is in her list as well as Wookie and Yesung. Everytime we met, it's all about Super Junior or maybe some other k-pop as well. P-sshi is a newfound SONE since Gee released and kept spazzing about it. And I better tell you that she loves Key the most in SHINee. 

This is the person who had been dragging all of the people around her to go crazy over K-pop!! Especially Super Junior. I better off call her sunbae-nim because she had been to DBSK's concert in Malaysia, had went to Rain's concert and can even read Hangul which I'm currently learning VERY SLOW. Hanis is very fond of Siwon and Hyukjae in Super Junior. She had been in this K-pop craziness since the first time Korean showbiz makes a mark in Malaysia. I don't know how she drags P-sshi into this stuff, but if she can drag P-sshi, than she IS ONE HELLA GOOD PERSUADER!!

....SMAP Gang?
Hahaha!! I have a total post dedicated just for this lovely spamming gang!! Really, like no other!! 

LMAO!! Eventually, I've inserted her name in my post here and there without realizing!!! I was even ashamed when I read back, seeing how it sounds like I'm close with her!!! (Sadly I'm not... x__x). Alex or Asminnt is the person who built a site for her own leisure at first, but turns out to be a place where she shares videos, pictures direct from Korean sites. Proudly named as I think her uncontrollable love for Sungmin had led her to built an international site for Lee Sungmin, named I was soooo excited because finally Pink Pumpkin (as we call Sungmin's lovers, like Heechul with his Petals and Yoochun with his Minnie :P) had the international hub for MIN!!! I even spazzed about it here LOL!! And I become a total fan of her after that. I finally interact with her in forum and yeah. She visits my blog once, which I felt so very much honored :3 Do visit her sites and pour some loves there!! 


Sunday, April 12, 2009


I can't type at this moment, so this is how I'm feeling:-

TRIPLE CROWN FOR SUJU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Moment like this. 
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. 
Some people search forever for that one special kiss. 
I cant believe its happening to me. 
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. 

Everything changes, but beauty remains. 
Something so tender I cant explain. 
Well I may be dreaming but til I awake..Can we make the dream last forever? 
And I'll cherish all the love we share for a moment like this. 

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. 
Some people search forever for that one special kiss. 
I cant believe its happening to me. 
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. 
[Kelly Clarkson's A Moment Like This]

both vidz credits to

Myspace Comments

A well-done bobo from ELFs to SuJu ^////^

Sayanghaeyo~~ Sayanghaeyo Super Junior~~ Sayanghaeyo fellow ELFs around the globe

p/s:I think I'm going to love some checker style~~~ kekekekekkee~~ maybe a new blog layout is coming out~~~ kekekekekeke What to do....I'm an obsessed fangirl~~~

About Yesungie's case

WARNING:The author of this blog is not against or residing any countries. I'm just asking for people to open their mind and come to think of the issues deeper. This is only a personal blog where I make fun of issues and stars (especially Super Junior :D). Simply not a blog of hate. 

click image to enlarge

"An incident has happened where group Super Junior member YeSung has been introduced as North Korean ruler Kim Jong Il’s 3rd son.

On 7th April, on a Swiss tabloid new site Blick (, a news reporter who was reporting on Kim Jong Il’s 3rd son had attached the photo of YeSung together with the article. This seems to be a case of confusion because YeSung’s real name is Kim Jong Woon, which coincides with Kim Jong Il’s son’s name. Blick, which is known for their tabloid news, have attached YeSung’s picture with the headlines on the 1st and 14th page of their tabloid news.

This incident was revealed on Korea’s various portal sites and online discussion boards on the 10th.

Super Junior fans have voiced, “I’m speechless”, “I didn’t even try to compare their photos”. While some fans said, “The company should demand for a correction”, “This is not a matter of joke, this is serious matter”.


*cheeks ballooned up*


*reads again*

*cynical smile*

*google Kim Jong Il's son, Kim Jong-un*

Something to share, this is a wiki for Kim Jong-un, the dictator's son (

This is how he looks like back when he is 11 years-old.

Read the translations of the Swiss magazine here ( ) thanks to for sharing the link.

SM Entertainment had already issues some clarification here ( Thanks to for sharing this link and to La' for the simple translation and summary; 

"It only says that SM asked the tabloid to make a correction and that this chaos was generated because of the fact that Yesung's real name is the same." 

And just in case you guys think that this supposed not to be an issue at all, read this, worth your time to get yourself updated with global issues. Don't tell me you summon your connection just to download pictures, videos, musics and looking for news about your favorite stars? <<---sounds like me dated back to 5 years ago :P


I wonder why the BLICK's crew can do such mistakes? If I, the ordinary person could go around browse and search for some reliable articles before I post in it in my humble blog, why can't the so-called "professional team" do the same thing for their FAMOUS magazine? This is the problem of........big IGNORANCE. 

I still wanna laugh. In fact, first time I bumped to this news, I quickly text P-sshi and she retreated from her bed to look for the article. Both of us laugh out like mad. Only than we discuss what would happen to our poor Yesung. What if the spies from other countries or anyone who wants KJI's down goes and kidnap our Yesung??? O.O *shoo away the negative thoughts, cancel, cancel, cancel*

Still. This is laugh-able. I'm not trying to be insensetive. But I'm laughing at how can a team of a famous tabloid could do SUCH mistakes. When I thought that Malaysian tabloid is the worst, here comes another who makes me appreciate that the level of our country's tabloid is not that annoying. At least not THAT level of annoying. I think it's a very calm act of SM Entertainment not to urge any apologize and only demands for correction. I hope the correction would be ON THE FRONT PAGE just like how they put our Yesung's picture, claiming him as KJI's son.

And to cool everyone down. +

Kim Jong Il's famous star-studded son. Our Yesungie oppa in aegyeo mode.


p/s: Hmmm~~ I think it would be nice to end my blog post with some current issues to share with you guys the next time? At least you won't be labelling my blog as pure entertainment. Hohohohoho~

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Changes in MuCore and A little about Min

credits to CodeAnalysis@YT

No more Red Wine+ Grey, I realized that I frowned a bit. Because I love some other hot colors to make Sorry Sorry much groovier, I know black is meant to be classic sexy, but something more are needed to make them looked more interesting.  WELL! SOMETHING HAS CHANGED! Hyukjae is not wearing that shorts+kneehigh socks anymore! I swear, it's not that I hate it, but it reminds me a lot to school kids. But somehow, it does makes me think of (or more like I mistaken for..) equestrians' outfit. Hahahahah!!!  And now, he wore all-black, from head to toe. 

I had to say that black is the best to enhance the beauty of our 13 HWANGJAS!!! Bumped to lots of people in SJ-World saying that SJ looks like a mafia group!! LMAO!! If only they add some hats and gloves. That would be a TOTAL MAFIA look for me!! XD XD XD But I was a bit dissapointed to see Min with bow tie. I don't like bow ties and don't make me explain why because I don't really know why. Skinny ties are the best anyway. I love me some guys with skinny ties. 

They didn't win MuCore, as I expected. I don't know why MuCore hates SJ so much. But what the heck? The most important one is INKIGAYO!!!!! TRIPLE CROWN PLEASE!!!!!
I browse around while dusting off my LJ (don't ask my LJ addie, I'm not active!), and found these:

Credits as tagged and

I quickly grab my monitor and stare at the piccies deeply. First, I recognize that place, that shirt Sungmin is wearing, that shades and hats Heenim had there, and some few fellas around them.

MALAYSIA. Taken when SJ came to Malaysia for MTV Asia Awards '08. I was in college at that time, can't make my way to huggies my hubby welcome them.



Okay, so virtual_el have said before that Min got martial arts, why the heck he would be so scared that the manager had to holds him on their way back to Korea from KLIA. I was thinking about that too when I heard her saying that. But now, looking at these piccies. NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY!!! It's really a confusement, as much as he wants to defend himself, he had to think that these people are his fans, plus, GIRLS! Public will complaint that SJ is being rude or mean to the fans if he suddenly did his KungFu there. That is Min. He thinks first. Why can't us??? Fans???

I am a fangirl myself, and I'm about to say something on fangirlings attitude. Read the rest by your own risk! I point this to Malaysian fans, or whoever had done that IN MALAYSIA. You might recognize your own hands in the piccies.

We all love our stars. I know how you get all excited to take pictures, to smell their presence, to get closer to them, to hear their voices and all. I know, because I want all that too. Most of us had been dreaming to be closer, to get into their circles and all. And maybe doing those stuffies might get you feel that you had work on your first step towards that dreams. 

Maybe that is what implanted in the minds of all fans who got excited and did some mobs on Donghae back in China. Everybody was shocked that Donghae gave the fans such attitude, and he apologized after that. If it wasn't for the mobs, I don't think Hae would said those mean words. Afterall, it's not just another mob. It's a massive mob!!!! I don't know about you guys, but my POV says: China fans get some bad impressions from Korean artist management company.  But lucky China, they had more positive fanclubs and are very supportive to shed away the negative image. Look at Super Shows, half of them are done there in differrent districts and counties, not to mention that Hangeng comes from China and Super Junior-M was born there just for the entertainment in China. 

Malaysian fans, or fans who comes to Malaysia. 

Please don't do this kind of attittude AGAIN!! First of all, think how it would portays our country to them! I know that Malaysia is quite well-known at some point but surprisingly, most of the people in this world didn't know WHERE THE HECK or WHAT IS MALAYSIA. So, let's take that Malaysian culture is currently ambigous, include the Korean artists here as well. They don't have any idea on what and how Malaysian is. This is not the country that any Korean companies had invest their money in, so the Korean artists come and go as they pleased.  This is the reality, EAT IT.  

When I see how the manager hold Sungmin so nobody would come near him, I only think of one thing. The manager had already made one template in his mind, saying that;"Malaysian fans are as crazy, can definitely forms a mob and are bad in attitudes".  We can't blame him of being cold on Malaysian fans the next time Super Junior come to Malaysia. 

Because *points to pictures* of this!! 

They don't know Malaysian, so better gave them a good picture of Malaysia when they come here. I am so dissapointed that the fangirls in the piccies let their excitedness comes over the brain first. 

If you love them, let them come here and let us greet them properly. I don't think they appreciate strangers to pull them like you come to Pasar Malam and grab the lelong stuff to rebut them before others get the stuff. If you want to be excited, gets excited!! But don't do things that will harm them, mentally and physically please. 

As much as me being head over foot for Super Junior, the thoughts of having skinship with them is a no. Unless there is a fanmeeting that allow us to handshake or stuff like that. If you want it, do it legal. And if you want it legal, be nice and make them remember you as one large bundle of good fans in one nice country. Like that, it wouldn't be so hard for the team that had been working to bring Super Junior to Malaysia, to make yours and our dreams come true. 

I'm writing this, just to ask Malaysian fans to be good and MORE CIVIL. Was that so hard to ask from you?? And remember that this is written from a fangirl too. I told you, read by your own risk. I appreciate your opinions, but I would definitely ignore bashes out of this. If you want to continue doing that bad attitudes, go on. Nobody is going to stop you. But I would definitely laugh heartily when you whines or shouts : "Super Junior, please come to Malaysia," or something like that. Remember, it's always like...what you give, you'll get back, babies.

That is all. CHIAO!



Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Okay, It's Alright, COME ON 슈퍼주니어 FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!

cr: Haruka@bestiz reuploaded by:

Why? Small vid eh? LOL Told you I'm SJ bias. I love Son Dam Bi and her new song rocks!! Still, I got SJ in my heart *sings SHINee's Romantic* and they topped every other artists in my heart at this moment. 

Actually, I can't spazz. I was mascara went down to my chin and I can't type when I found out they didn't win. I was not this sad last week, but today. I can't accept this fact. And it even hurts me so much when they didn't appear as dorky as they were with Son Dam bi, unlike how they did before with other winners...... Ah...Any of you cried? *Hugs you all virtually*

I can't type, but my fingers can click though. So I browse around and found a thread of the KBS Music Bank's news.  Everybody was very gloomy and one post just got me SHOT right in the head!!! *FROZE*

I'll post what the fan said after I get his permission. Or else, I'll just sum up. But I really want you guys to read his thoughts on it. Really meaningful. I already get his permission!!! Here it is:


I think We shouldn't feel dissappointed/depressed etc...

We should be proud for them being still in the top3 of K-Chart...

Congratz to SuJu for being in the top3 -- meaning they are still in the contenders spot for no.1...

Maybe they didn't win this time... but its fine...we are still proud for them being no.3...

Its a great achievement for them...

Nowadays, it's hard to compete and stay for no.1 in weeks because many contenders are coming back (comeback stage...), there were fierce competitions unlike before (before SuJu's 3jib comeback) where only few (known/famous/with strong fanbases) performers active in the first months of this year...

I don't compare with accomplishments from other groups but i just meant that its still an achievement for them being in the charts...we shouldn't compare because its INCOMPARABLE...

I just love them seen performing continuously in the 3music shows every week and i adored everytime they perform...and I'm so thankful they performed this week...

Anyways, good job ELFs!!! more support (ACTIVELY...) and love for SuJu...

hope for InKiGaYo TRIPLE CROWN!!!"

Many thanks to for his thoughts!! And thank you so much for permitting me to re-post this piece. ^^

So, here I am happy. And we should focus on the next Inkigayo!!!! TRIPLE CROWN IS OUR AIM!!! (Our= SJ+ ELF) And.....darn it..... darn, darn, darn, darn it! I am OH-SO-IN-LOVE with those Red Wine+Grey outfittos that they're donning~~ So good to see they kept it again for this week!!! Oh, love, love, love it~ Best color combination ever.

So to cheer you guys up, something from the past. ENJOY!!! 

Credits to Gaercoal@YouTube

Sayanghaeyo (I'm ELF, no matter what....)

p/s: I'll be in hiatus for my interview. So I won't spazz from Sunday to Tuesday~~ Wednesday night, I'll start spazzing right away. Please take note ya? :3