Thursday, August 27, 2009

Help our dear cookiedough out!

If you can still remember, I've posted and featured about an uploader who I've remarked as an avid Wookie fangirl, TheFamousCookieDough. You can read about her here.

I was flipping through my subscriptions at YouTube and found the video. DAMN! Not about plagiarizing!! I'm never fond of this kind of issue.

Watch this:-

If you couldn't get the idea or don't understand what is the issue. You can check about plagiarizing and crime in fandom+internet here. Maybe you could understand a bit on how the uploaders felt. Continuation of the saga....

And it's not that I love this kind of war/fight whatever it is you're tagging it with, but I'm just not fond of PLAGIARIZING. It's a huge sin and if you're studying at uni, you could get EXPELLED when the authority recognized your work as plagiarism. If you could help our dear cookiedough and the other uploaders to serve justice, please do so if you find any videos that isn't hers and she simply copied it from others.

As Sayanghaeyo stands for peace in fandom and healthy fangirling, I wish to not see any of you use vulgar/cursing words on your comment. This crime and the diplomacy unentertained there are simply NOT a good example for a fangirl to follow. I wish everybody could learn from this situation.

Thank you. Now, I'm off to my class.


p/s: Kekekek~ I can't wait for SJ-M's comeback this September! Rooting for HenWook to be honest :P

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