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[FASHION] I spy a new craze from Korea?

Promo Poster for Marry Me Mary Descriptions here

So I watch Marry Me Mary and is officially in love with the drama. Look, I don't watch drama often (its eating a lot of time and I'm pretty bored with steep plot) but anything with Jang Geun Suk and Kim Jae Wook can never go wrong LOL
*Jang Geun Seuk as Kang Moogyeol(left) and Moon Geun Young as Wi Mary (right) Kind of reminds me to a gypsy couple; and to twist it, like John Lennon and Yoko Ono
It surprises me how Mary dressings are considered normal/peasant in this drama when I thought its boho and I pretty love whats happening on her. Moogyeol lives to a rock star style, but I'm impressed that curls he got there both names him a 'pretty boy + rock star'. Joong-In in this drama is a luxury man, but I love his playful colors on his suit. And when he is casual, I can't help but to say "YO ROCK STAR"

Kim Jae Wook performing Walrus
However, I found this a bit surprising. Lee Ahn's outfit when he meet Joong…

[VISUAL KEI] Too Many To Share, Too Little Time

Its been a while since I last updated anything. So I re-vamped this blog just for my own leisure LOL ^^ What do you think? Yay or nay? Heck, I'd just stick with it y'all! ROFL
And God, I deleted my chatbox ;___; I didn't meant to do that but I was rushing myself, too excited and realized I just deleted it OTL This is so lame and careless. Will add it back once I recover my email, password and all LOL

For this long while I've been absent, I've encountered a lot of things and what thumped on my head the most would probably be my failure on Research and Communication Methods paper. I can't believe I just fail, this is like the first time in my life. Hopefully the next semester I take this subject again, I am more prepared then before ^^v
And then, I grew curious on what Gackt have been up to lately. So I checked my last fandom before I migrated to K-POP, Visual Kei (OMG, don't argue with me that VK is not music, I'm going to slaughter you). I thought he was s…

Of This Upcoming Raya and Homesick

Norfy: *still fasting* Come, lets take a peek. Uuuuuuuu~~ Sungmin : GO AWAY, CREEPER. Norfy: I'M FASTING, NOT A CREEPER
And thats two completely different adjective and adverb. Is that even adverb? ............ Ok, fail.

Ok. Its not like I don't want to post about Sungmin's newly found tattoo; I mean, hey! Its his own will, like, okay........if he likes it, then its fine. APPROVE anyway. LOL I just get curious on what is that text-long worth of tattoo and why is it at his back? LMAO Credits to PerMINent.Net for being all cautious :D
Norfy is a girl who loves to run away from the hecticness of her real task to do something else in life. LOL I do a blog post when I'm supposed to write my corrections for 4 articles, 2 in English and 2 in Malay. Meh. Yeah, I guess I'm kind of a "TAKE ME AWAAAAAAAYYYY! TAKE ME AWAAAAAYY!!" when I came across being hectic (aaaanndd, screwed up).
Babble much/slapsself.
Whattup much for my Raya. I can't wait, like, seriously can'…


My small hand is trying to reach for the stars; Realizing there are too many obstacles to go there. Give up? Absolutely NOT :)
I. Am. Dying. So. Freaking. Busy.
By the way, just want to let you know that I'm still alive. LOL
Do wait for my actual comeback.
This time, no promises .___. I need to get a grip with myself first.
I love you guys.
Sayanghaeyo Norfy

For Delusional Fangirls

I used to call Sungmin as my husband in my early years getting involved in KPOP.
And at that time, people hardly took glance on Sungmin, at least on the circle of people I know (LOL its amazing how out of 10 people, 6 of them loves Donghae or Heechul the most XD). So I have Sungmin all by myself to be called as....hubby. Yes, I used to be possessive over him. I got all upset when P-Sshi said she likes Sungmin too despite the fact her ultimate bias is Donghae XD
And on explosive Sorry Sorry era, I encountered lots of Sungmin's fans. I was....overwhelmed. I was so happy that I get to actually appreciate that one man together with other people who think similarly with me. I stopped using 'my hubby' because apparently, Sungmin isn't for me alone to own after all. My circle of acquaintances grew to one group that actually embrace Sungmin as their highly-placed His Majesty in our heart, I know its appropriate to stop claiming him :)
Therefore, I couldn't help to feel anno…

[060610] SJ at Singapore and guess what I'm doing?

I'm a Johorean, residing at JB. My place is just few miles away from Singapore but I couldn't make it to see SJ though I had all the advantages with me :/ From speed demon, transportation, people, ticketing and stuffs (LOL Yoojinjin had my backs for the ticketing T.T). And as I expected, judging from what Philippines and Malaysia's SS2's organizers did, the route of SJ's arrival are channeled somewhere else to avoid the crowd of fans. I feel bad for all the spectators and fans there, truly sorry for what have happened, but at least, do know that they acknowledged your presence there and felt the warmness that you guys displayed :) So don't be upset much, feel a bit better about it, please? ^___^
So! Instead, I did some weight training and its 2.2kgs (5lbs) for both my biceps and triceps. Before this, I just had some push ups and darn it! I'M SO HEAVY I CAN'T PULL MYSELF ROFL!! So I think its best for me to start taming my muscle first with the dumbbell t…

4th teases us with a little pic

source: NEWSEN and Sookyeong
Hmmmm boy, I like that ;D

More news about it here and here.

My 2 cents: LOL why did I feel the come back is a bit rush and the concept is kind of a cycle of Ring Ding Dong? Whatever, its testosterone we're talking here. ROFL! I thought Hyukjae was JO KWON! I can't seem to recognize him at first LOL! And Kyu....oh nais. Sleek short hair. Oh. NAIS. SHINDONG! KEEP THAT HAIR. I LOVE THAT HAIR!! PRETTY PLEASE!

And I'm loving Sungmin's bad ass look, it suits him. I'm imagining him belting his electric guitar with that look. OMG. Please let it be something rock-ish + a little house. That'd make a perfect OUTSTANDING trend despite of candy-funk loaded right now in K-POP.
Sayanghaeyo Norfy
p/s: OK! Spread the pictures/news around, babes and dudes ;D WE'RE GOING TO ROCK THE HOUSE DOWN WITH 4TH JIB! Like it, or not

Weeccky weeccky wow wow! Bang bang~

I'm in the midst of exam period and I'm trying to struts some stress out here. LOL
So everybody is feeling the heat of SJ's 4th Album which is going to come out real soon; it gets worst when the boys started to change their appearance, working out (SEE EXAMPLE ON MY POST BEFORE/sorry this blog is Sungmin bias =3=) and of course, the Twitter fever amongst them! LOL
It starts with ShinsFriends, continues with donghae861015 (but I think henrylau89 and Choi_SW joined first before him? LOL but I'm too skeptical to believe those are legit accounts at fist -W-) and myblacksmile out of the blue joined the chaos. LOL and OUR DIVA steps in with Hee18 first before he Cyworlded about how he is struggling with it! LOL He cancelled the account and starts an obnoxious new one with the name of Heedictator. Those drama happened in one day. . . . That is sooooooooo him. LOL
You don't have twitter yet? COME DO ONE! And make sure to follow these oppas and ehem, FOLLOW ME! LOL Oh, kamon. …


*stealing this from perMINent@Twitter
And I'm not a perv. I'm just....anticipating. KTHNXBAI.
Sayanghaeyo Norfy
p/s: I'm not a perv ._____. *innocent* OK. BRB. Blood couldn't stop running from my nose.

Laughing Out In The Air! CHYEAH!

A short post because I'm still in my hiatus and I'll be facing final exams soon *need your prayers sayangzz, pretty please ;A;*
Heard of KPOP groups coming to town. Well, a lot of them. Too many that I grew suspicious. Sorry, I'm skeptical. (generally media people is like this, LOL. Publisher wannabe XD).
My advise that I know, it came to repeat very often to all my sayangzz:-
Because no KPOP fans should get their hopes crushed into pieces, they deserves only the truth, the best and the reliable ones when it comes to getting their dreams come true.
As much of you know how heavily biased I am, I still had this sense of a 'fan'. I know exactly how you feel in your shoes as a fan no matter what fandom you're in therefore, I am your friend when it comes to being a fan. And fan to fan, I'm speaking. Boldly, for our rights. Yes. This is S…


Just pretend you got fool-ed or else I'll cry LMAO
Until The World Is Filled With Sapphire Blue Balloons
Until I get to say to Sungmin; I admire him so much.
Will forever be Everlasting Friend
Would continue to live no matter what.
Sayanghaeyo Norfy

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Sayanghaeyo is closing

Hello there, sayangzz
Yes, like I've stated in my title post. Yes. Sayanghaeyo is closing. And this would be the last post of Sayanghaeyo.
Its hard to say it out; but like what I've been concerned of quite some times ago; finally its getting to me.
I'm quitting fangirling.
For all these time, I thought I was one strong girl with loyalty more than a bunch to our beloved Super Junior and KPOP fandom mostly. So I went all out, strutting and giving out what I got, trying to make it all possible.
But it hit me one time, that I am not going anywhere with this.
I'm an university student with average scoring; fangirling had taken almost 85% of my life and it leaves me merely 5% to study diligently and score my best. Its really upsetting; I've been depressing about it for several times already but I keep on motivating myself; saying that I could do this.
But it hurts too much. All I want to do is to do well at school and when I get myself involved into fangirling; its all the tim…

8TV Nite Live : Catch up TV FINALLY! XD

I remembered back then when Progression won the Sorry Sorry dancing contest at 8TV Nite Live, I was looking for catch up tv at but couldn't find any trace of them D: So I did requested for it, and I believed most of the viewers and avid fans of the show requested it too :)

*Drum rolls*

*click on image for larger view :D
How proud I am to see that finally 8TV Nite Live is listed when I hover my clicky at the Catch Up TV button at the main page of ^________^ *confetti*
Don't forget to visit here to get to know the show and the emcees better XD
Kamon! Bookmark it, pay a visit to them regularly, spazz about them, spread around and don't forget to give them a lot of love! :D
I really miss chatting at 8TV Nite Live and follow the show diligently, unfortunately my time as a student + fangirl recently had taken a toll on me and sometimes I just watch, I couldn't response :( tho…


*I'm still in cloud 9 after a week of SSII, so please forgive me if you found me annoying/irritating/unreasonable/poyo/perasan/bitch but like I've told you, I'm high with delusional thoughts and I need to share it here before I go insane or my sorority sis send me to TAMPOI or TANJUNG RAMBUTAN!! LOL*
If you know that I was closing my eyes when you're serenading At the same place, at the same time, together with you. Your voice went straight to my heart. I'm so happy, listening to your serenades alive is what I really like to do. And it realized after a year confessing my love to you. I couldn't ask for more as your fan.
You went by to where I was at If only you really see I was blowing kisses for you I would like to think you saw me doing that, a foreign fan of yours is blowing kisses to you Even if you don't I'm just glad I conveyed my love to you through those gestures If its alright I beg to you to please let me think that you saw me did that
After that, you nev…

:) *90 degrees bows*





Personally, I understand some fans really, really want to see them again and again, more and more. But for me, I would like them to shop or do normal stuffs at ease, at least they could do that here in Malaysia. Even though my body is aching to run and chase them; so I could feel their existence near me; I, had nothing but this GREATER penchant to separate my real life with fangirling.

Thus my brain thought like this:-

They are my idols. They are my Super Junior. I love them so much. But to meet them while I'm screaming at public place, I. . . .IDK, thats not me. I respect them too much to do so.

But then again, the fans who'd been following them wants to show their love, that they're well accepted here in Malaysia~ I'm going nothing against that. Just remember not to hurt them and show really good manners :)




Oh, no :(
What happen?


Bawang-ing will go frighten Edward Cullen away

Just so if you want to ask me anything. I'm currently bored. LOL

Spare me a bit. I need a space to breathe~ Hiieeeuuuu Hiieeeuuuu~~ can I sayang?
I just realized that I talked about Sungmin every single updates that I had before. What the. . . . This is sick. . . and scary. LOL

S.A.Y.A.N.G is L.O.V.E

Oh, yes gaiz. They've turned a year the last 1st March and I just get my chance to wish them in Sayanghaeyo, personally with all the Sayangzz witnessing ^^
The first time I blogged about 8TV Nite Live was back in last year's May; Sayanghaeyo is really green during that time (and I'm such a noob, I kept ranting about old videos of K-Pop LOL) and Hunny Madu was the host back then :D The show is fairly new and the variety is drawing me to love it. I remember before Hunny Madu leave the show, she asked the viewers about what the viewers would like to see in 8TV Nite Live ;) Eventually, and gradually, the show concluded a segment that I love the most, K-Pop segment.
However, the essential part that made me follow 8TV Nite Live diligently is how the viewers could communicate with the staffs and the emcees :D And I like the facts and informations that the show is updating us viewers; I really had broader view on gadgets and technologies rec…

Imma be Imma be Imma Imma be . . . .

Almost 4 in the morning and I just finished my Korean cluttering home works. I did some intensive study since I found myself being left out at some apparent point. LOL! Oh, and while I'm typing this, heck I forgot to hang dry my red dress and funny how I need to wear it tomorrow at 1PM. I hope it'd dry soon enough for me to wear on our faculty's event =3=
I don't know how to give you a picture of the ridiculously busy me in the past few weeks. At some point, I found myself randomly dancing and annoying my room mate/class mate just because I couldn't even think how can I cope with my own schedule. It's insane; but I love my life. I feels so important and useful. And the greatest thing is not to get bored.
I like to do my best; I really want to. And I do learnt that if I run for this, I wouldn't get the other. But really, I'm such a stubborn girl. I wouldn't give up until I found myself FAILed on that.
My university is probably the most insane universi…

Honesty is such a lonely word

Thanks to Sarah bb a.k.a ★planecrash- for the pretty poster~ XD
Ask me anything; I will be completely honest ^^

I Will Protect Super Junior

You may hate them for various reasons and I don't even care about it
You may hate me for loving them and I don't care even as in tiny bits
All I know is, Super Junior made me believe in miracle once again after I thought it was long vanished from this earth

People thought I become their fans merely because of their looks I could be a fan for more than one boy bands; drools over their looks and could even find hotter, younger, more good looking boy groups I could have gone wildly to every each forums and claim love on each of the boy group members, and casually forgetting the 13 boys that is slowly aging.

Its really sad how people couldn't see the inner thoughts I had for them
For proving to the world its possible of getting all 13 different personalities, talents and image into one group and stays strong until now,
For getting through the obstacles together with generous smiles and laughter we didn't know they're crying in their heart instead,
For giving a refreshing breath on ev…

My connection is seriously INDECENT

*cr: 4minniemink@YT
Oh~ Oh~ Prettiest Hong Gil Dong with ahjumma hair *_______*

Did I told you before that I want to update you with the news of SSII in Malaysia?
I know, I did.
And I know I didn't get you updated. I'm seriously sorry!
For sayangzz who didn't know, I'm a public university student doing Bachelor on Mass Communication Publishing line. I might be underestimating my sequence; for saying I wouldn't be that busy for my second semester. I was wrong. As Publishing students are RARE and limited in numbers, we are pushed and bounded to be active in student's body. I totally didn't expect that; but now I'm assigned as leader for academic field trip. akjg;ajugi;akhmma;lii;mb; you have no idea how PALE I was when I took the responsibility.
Not to mention I took extra learning credits time by taking Korean language which are held as night class. In a week, I got three night classes, two for Korean language and the other one is for International Advertisin…

Sayanghaeyo On SSII In Malaysia Issue

Norfy: ARE YOU GUYS COMING OR NOT??? Ryeowook: Awww....look whose begging and crying for us now? After babbling bad about us in her petty blog~ Jungsoo, Hyuk, DongDong: (Oh yeah, revenge is sweeetttt) Norfy: AKGJAGMAKMGK;JAKUITYNG!!!

You know, I'm just an E.L.F. with lots of privileges with me and with that, I only would like to cater you guys the best information I could get in hand. Just to help each other. In the name of being a fangirls. I feel you totally.
I know I'm super excited and even day dream almost half of my time since I know Super Junior back in 2008. Can I say I spent the rest of 2009 believing that Super Junior actually had the desire to come to Malaysia? LOL I'm delusional like that.
I believe I'm not alone too.
Since the breakout of that piece of news SSII coming over Malaysia, I was nothing than being excited (I fainted). And the next day of it, I can't help being suspicious (if I could be suspicious on a little boy stealing my manga collections, how…

Do you want love?

Sayanghaeyo stands and kept posting because of its name.
To sayang everyone and to spread sayang.
So everybody please take your time off from YouTube, forum and downloading a while and join this project to really prove how much do you love our lovely Super Junior members
Due: Two weeks before February! Details please click here and guidelines click banner

Due: 1st February 2010/Monday *click banner please*

Due: 1st February 2010/Monday *click banner please*

Everybody could say, "hey, I'm a fan of Super Junior too you know". And its hard to differentiate casual fans with real fans as there are no concerts to attend, no fanmeeting, no nothing stuffs like that. While the boys are hard to reach from a far, some fans decided to bridge the wide contact between international fans even though they might not see it, they might not know it.
So your chance is here ^^

If you could spend some time to do these projects, I'm quite sure you'll be contented of being a non official Ever La…